A change to something better

At Bolia we are radical optimists, believing that the world is slowly changing for the better and that our creative minds combined will constantly find new ways forward and battle the challenges we face along the way. We believe that a more sustainable way forward is all about positive choices. The thousands of choices we make every day as a politician, a board member, a leader, a colleague, a family member, a consumer, and as an individual. Making healthier business- and consumer choices makes good sense, it opens for new bright ideas and opportunities, it drives good business and inspires people around us.

Explore how we are working towards a smaller environmental footprint and a more responsible business in the video below.


Less but better

All our furniture designs are made to order in Europe and crafted one piece at the time. This way of low waste production not only allows you to customise our designs, but also minimises waste and consumption during the full lifetime of the product, through a more efficient usage of raw materials, a shorter distribution and most importantly – a beautiful design crafted to last for generations. That is also why we are happy to give a 10-year warranty on every single design in our collection.

In the creation of our new collection, our designers focus on extending the longevity of each product while minimizing its footprint, by finding ways to use less materials and energy for manufacturing. We are finding news way how to reduce waste and optimize packaging. How the design can be repaired and recycled. How we can rethink parts and components to be replaceable. For instance, we have introduced changeable covers for many of our indoor and outdoor sofas – allowing you to renew and refresh your design sofa over and over again.

    • The partnerships that helps us improve

      With ambitions to create and shape a more sustainable industry, we join forces with leading partners such as Bureau Veritas, Danish Technological Institute, Schneider Electric, FSC Denmark and MÅLBAR. Testing our designs to the highest quality standards, processing knowledge and developing measurements about the climate emissions of our entire value chain, allowing us to find tangible ways to effectively reduce our overall impact. And we are happy to share all our facts, findings and finest ideas, all the way from our overall ambitions to the specific product climate footprint throughout the full product life cycle on our most popular designs. The footprint includes everything from raw materials, to production, packaging and shipping, the product lifetime and eventual disposal.

    Our core business values people, creativity and quality are rooted on the Scandinavian design traditions and way of life. We love functional design, natural materials, beauty, craft, longevity, simplicity, positivity, and respectfulness. Based on these values we will share our thoughts about sustainability, implement our ideas and promote collaboration. We work ambitiously to empower and support all our wonderful colleagues around the world. We are members of amfori BSCI and our manufacturers follow the BSCI code of conduct, ensuring the rights and safety of everyone involved in our design universe.

    We have defined an ambitious sustainability strategy, with specific goals and actions, allowing us to create change – day by day and year by year. Giving us much more of everything we love: new creative possibilities, beautiful designs, more sustainable materials, a reduced carbon footprint and happier partners, colleagues, and customers around the world.


    Our sustainability strategy is the foundation of our business, and we align all actions with our vision for a better future. Action is crucial for change, and it's important for us to meet the goals we set. Over the past four years, we have made extensive changes in our business to ensure that we continue to evolve, inspire and drive our industry towards something better. 

    Great accomplishments take time, and it's important to celebrate all achievements along the way! Here you can get an overview of our progress since we began working on sustainable development back in 2017 – and explore the exciting projects we have in the pipeline for the next few years.  



    • 5-year warranty on all designs 



    • Bolia becomes a member of amfori and starts onboarding suppliers on the BSCI platform 
    • We change our strategy from being trend-based to creating design with a long-term focus 
    • FSC®-trademark licence 


    • All upholstery is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified 



    • 100 % test policy - all furniture must be tested in relation to strength
    • First EU Ecolabel upholstery fabric in the collection
    • Soft Collection becomes OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified            
    • Launched New Ways of Working 



    • All wood is FSC®-certified 
    • 10-year warranty on all designs  
    • Bolia Sustainable Transition Group is launched 


    • Swing chair - first design with EU Ecolabel 
    • Our first Sustainability Strategy 


    • The Sustainability Journal live on Bolia.com 
    • CO2eq emission data on 4500 product variants – with many more to come 
    • Supplier data visible on all products 
    • Launching The Sustainability Journal  
    • Submit commitment letter to SBTi (Science based targets) 



    • Measure CO2eq on top 20% of Bolia products 
    • Develop SBTi reduction target for approval 


    • Commit to SBTi reduction target  



    • Set CO2eq reduction targets with "A" suppliers  
    • Map supply chain to tier 2  
    • Make Bolia stores more sustainable - Green stores FY26 



    Carefully selected materials