It’s time to kiss winter goodbye. It’s time to shine, time to clean, time to wake up,
time to get up, time to pull back the curtains, to open the windows, and to open
your mind.

We want to make the journey from producer to customer clearer and more transparent, by knowing the origins of raw wood, hides and leather, to make sure we can vouch for its quality. We have therefore decided that our Quattro leather should be 100% traceable, to ensure we can always document the leather's journey from producer to consumer.

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Bolia's Amstel bike pays homage to 1960s Tour de France bikes. Back then they used genuine leather for the saddles and handlebar tape, and chromed metal was used to complete the look – and it was long before bikes were made of carbon fibre and aluminium. Amstel is not an antique, but behind its vintage appearance hides a modern, single-speed racing bike with aluminium parts, lightweight frame and genuine leather.

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