Tailor-made for you
Our designs are made for the picky, the choosy, the ones who know what they want and how they want it. Available in million ways, and in that special way that fits you. Only you. So let your creativity run wild when choosing model, size, cover, colour and material. Find your own way of combining these features or let our design specialists find the perfect match for you in one of our stores. Of course, we’ll handcraft it all especially using our finest materials and a big scoop of love.

No One Lives Like You

Think about it – you are the sole example. The same goes for your home. It’s the reflection of you – no rules and no right or wrong. Your home is your playground and your space to do what no other dares to do. Therefore, our designs are made for you, the picky, the choosy, you who know what you want and how you want it. Available in a million ways, and in that special way that fits you. Only you.

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It’s time to celebrate! And what better way than to give you the opportunity to win your favourite luxurious velvet Bolia design.

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5 years product warranty

A beautiful design created from honest materials, true craftsmanship and lots of love, will result in long-lasting furniture. That is why we are proud also to offer you a 5 years guarentee on our complete collection.

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No two people are alike, and the same goes for our more than 40 gifted designers. No matter where in the world they come from, they have a passion for defining New Scandinavian Design. They are the cream of the crop and dedicated to creating the new, the inspired and the original.

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Bolia Mixtape

Deep Velvet mix
embraces creativity

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Lustrous urban life

Industrial materials are moving in. Brass, chrome, steel, concrete and glass are bringing a raw, unpolished and industrial look into our homes. Inspiration comes from workshops, making craftsmanship a part of the design. Hard-wearing concrete complements delicate, structured and coloured glass, while steel and chrome make sure there’s no mistaking the presence of machine-related crafts influence.

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