New Scandinavian Design

A beautiful collection fusing new icons and sustainable classics

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Our collection is created by talented designers from all over the world, who base each and every design around sustainability and durability. Inspired by the Scandinavian tradition for architecture and design, the changing seasons and muted colour palettes, each design is a tribute to our design heritage and created to be passed on from generation to generation.

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Wood from sustainable forestry, traceable leather and upholstery fabrics made without the use of hazardous chemicals. All done to prolong the life of your furniture by many years.

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All designs are custom-made and handmade in Europe using sustainable materials such as FSC certified wood, traceable leather and OEKO-TEX certified furniture fabrics.

Our craftsmanship

We know that honest, sustainable materials create long-lasting and durable furniture. All our designs are made from the best materials, which is why we always give you a 5 years guarantee on everything in our collection

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How to choose the right sofa

We've put together everything you need to know when buying your new designer sofa. From size, design and model to colour, filling, pros and cons. All gathered in one place in a clear, easy-to-use guide.

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