International deliveries

We can provide home delivery to all the following EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Nederland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

If you are living in another country you can still shop on this website, but unfortunately we cannot yet deliver the products straight to your home. 

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Bolia in 98 seconds

Let us start at the beginning. We design furniture, but we are not an ordinary furniture store. We are a company that loves design and we work with creativity in everything we do from our collections to our stores. Keep your beautiful eyes open, here comes our whole story boiled down to 98 seconds.

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For the love of music

At Bolia we love music. Especially the electronic kind. That`s why we produce and share our exclusive Deep House Mixtapes, support new DJ talents and are the proud sponsors of the annual Stella Polaris outdoor chill out event.
So go ahead and fall in love.

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The 2016 Lookbook

Come with us as we explore the beautiful diversity of New Scandinavian Design, captured by trendsetting photographer David Hughes, hailing from the fast paced world of British Fashion.
Have a look inside or pick up the beautiful hard copy for free at your nearest Bolia store.

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We love Instagram

Tag your fresh furniture shots with #Bolia and we'll smack it right on our front page.

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Behind the scenes

Come with us behind the scenes of the new collection, as we explore the beautiful diversity of living spaces that we can create together and celebrate creativity, individuality and uniqueness.

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Bolia Design Team

Here they are. The extraordinary, the talented, and the diverse collective of designers that we are so proud to have in our stable.
They are the cream of the crop and are dedicated to creating the new, the inspired and the original.

Meet them all here

Quality and Service

Quality and Service

Tailor made for you

Our designs are available in a million ways, and in that one special way that fits you; only you.You can choose model, size, cover, colour and material and combine these features to bring your identity into our designs.We hand make it all for you using our finest materials and a big scoop of love.

Your style is our command.

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30 months warranty

At Bolia, we know that solid materials combined with honest craftsmanship means quality furniture that lasts. That`s why we are happy to offer you a 30 months product warranty.

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Handmade quality

Our designers put their heart and soul into the creation of our collection and our European and Danish suppliers hand make every single design from the finest materials such as solid wood, wool, metallic, marble, leather and love.  

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Our furniture is made to order. We have no big warehouses and no old stock. We only have perfectly tailored items customized to your personal tastes. Hand made from the finest materials and delivered, straight to your door. 

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30 days return policy

If you fall out of love with your new furniture, you can return it all within 30 days. Please contact our Customer Services, we`ll be glad to help.

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Social responsibility

Already from the birth of a new design idea, many decisions are made by our designers in order to maximize the quality, design and function of the product – and minimize the effects on our environment.

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Welcome to our stores

Feelings play a part in everything we do, from our collections to our shops. Our shops are designed to stimulate the senses, to surprise and to bring a smile to your lips. We play with organic materials, surprises, contrasts, flavours, digital elements and inspiring installations.

We are very proud to have been a finalist at the World Retail Awards in London and at the European e-Commerce Awards in Barcelona head-to-head with some of the strongest brands worldwide. 

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It begins with the design

Already from the birth of a new design idea, many decisions are made by our designers in order to maximize the quality, design and function of the product – and minimize the effects on our environment.

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Honest materials

We are big fans of natural materials such as wood, leather, marble, veneer, metal, concrete, resin and wool, and we love to create contrasts with colors, details, humor and surprising combinations to create unique and exciting designs.Our aim is to create high quality furniture than will last for many years.

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Dressed to impress

Our sofa and furniture fabrics are made of 100 % wool or recyclable polyester, 100% free of heavy metals such as nickel, lead or chromium.
Our leathers are handpicked and carefully selected from around the world and are produced without any use of PCP or CFC. Our leather impregnation fluids are based on water.

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At the factory floor

At Bolia, our furniture is designed and hand-built in Denmark and by selected furniture producers in Europe. We aim to safeguard a good working environment for everyone who works with us, both within our company and at our suppliers at the factory floor.

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Working at Bolia

Working at Bolia is more than just a job. Our aim is to give customers a fantastic experience, from living with our designs to the inspiration and service in our stores. Our corporate culture is honest, creative, flexible, dynamic and results-oriented – we know when we need to work hard and when to celebrate our successes.

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The REACH standards

At we carefully follow and respect the high EU REACH standards, eliminating risky substances from our production processes and thereby minimizing any possible allergic reactions.

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