Dining room

are a better setting for an unpredictable and crazy evening than a good old meal.

If you are also stylishly seated on a dining room chair in Scandinavian design, at a dining table with room for food, wine and guests, then you have the recipe for perfect harmony.

You can never invite too many interesting people to dinner.

Handmade quality

At Bolia, our furniture is designed and handmade in Denmark along with a few selected furniture manufacturers in Europe. Our designs are produced from the finest materials with the focus on quality and good environmental and product conditions.
Create space for your friends and their strange choice of partners.

Produced from the finest materials

Every design is produced from the finest materials, such as solid wood, wool, metal, marble, leather, and most important of all, love
Comfortable guests are better company.

The new 2017 collection

For our 2017 Collection we are introducing more than 250 bold new designs together with an exclusive collab collection by the Danish fashion brand Soulland.

Our international team of designers has carefully selected the finest organic materials, all the way from smoked oak to brown marble and exclusive velvet, to show you our finest new collection ever.

Prepare to fall in love right here.

Experience the new Bolia collection here