Bolia Design Awards


How can we rethink the spaces we live in? What materials should our furniture be created from? How can we use creativity and consideration to create positive change? Applications for this year's Bolia Design Awards are now open – and we look forward to taking a look at the designs of the future. Maybe together with you? We are looking for those of you who dream of exploring new, sustainable possibilities, craftsmanship and materials – and who are passionate about creating beautiful designs that last for many years. People with the courage to take responsibility and who dream of seeking new paths.

Below you can read more about the competition, the three exclusive prizes, deadlines, practical information and see previous winners of Bolia Design Awards.

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A tribute to creativity

Every year since 2007, we've paid tribute to the bright new talent in the industry. To give something back. To create the space and capacity for new talent, new ideas and new ways. To challenge ourselves and our world of design. We believe that something utterly unique is created in the intersection between tradition and innovation. And that fresh, new talent is the future. That's why we're so proud to receive hundreds of applications every year, and that several winners and participants have been invited into our design collections since the very beginning. Like the Bronco vase, the Latch coffee table, the Cocoon coat stand and the Zen rug.

Made to last

Bolia was born with a passion for the Scandinavian approach to design and to create designs that last for generations. Therefore we don't allow ourselves to be seduced by fleeting trends, but create designs with a clear, durable and timeless identity. That's why sustainability and certified materials also play a key role in this year's Bolia Design Awards. And that's why we'll be prioritising a sustainable approach just as highly as design aesthetics, creativity and functionality.

Are you brave, creative and innovative? Do you have a keen eye for both aesthetics and function? And do you have a burning desire to revolutionise the way we consume, design, create and live? Do you live and breathe for beautiful design experiences? And most importantly – do you really want to make it happen? To get your designs out into the real world? You might be the one we're looking for in our Bolia Design Awards.

Who can participate?

Those of you dreaming of your great breakthrough and who want to see your ideas brought to life. Those of you who think sustainably, creatively and who are passionate about Scandinavian design aesthetics, combined with curiosity and fascinating functionality. We look forward to receiving design ideas and reinterpretations from talent from all over the world.

    • How to take part

      You can enter up to three different designs up to and including 1 May 2023. Use our online form and tell us about the thoughts behind it, what materials you’ve used and how your design reflects a timeless and sustainable mindset. This could be in terms of aesthetics, choice of materials, packaging, transport and perhaps anything else that we haven't thought of yet?

      You don't need to have a prototype ready, but it’s important that your design is feasible. Read more about the terms and conditions when you register.

    Application deadline: 1 May 2023

    Announcement of winners: June 2023

    We select the winners according to principles of sustainability, certified materials and alternative production methods, a clear identity, functionality and creativity.

    Our professional jury review all the submitted design proposals after the application deadline, and we will subsequently contact you if your design has made it through the eye of the needle. For the People's Choice Prizethe jury selects 8 finalists, where our customers and followers get the chance to vote for their favourite design. The Jury Prize and the Circularity Prize are selected by the jury. All communication throughout the application process will take place in English.

    If you have any questions about the competition, please feel free to contact us at

    The jury will select 8 finalists and among them the winners of the three awards below. All finalists are selected on the basis of aesthetics, creativity, sustainability and functionality.

    1. Jury Prize (€ 7000)

    2. People's Choice Prize (€ 3500)

    The People's Choice Prize is chosen by our customers by voting on

    3. Circularity Prize (€ 3500)

    The Circularity Prize is awarded to a design where circular design solutions are incorporated into every single detail and component. A design made from sustainably certified or recycled materials. A design that has the least possible impact on the environment throughout its lifetime and which in terms of identity, look and design is timeless and relevant year after year.