Bolia Design Awards

Every year since 2007, we've paid tribute to the bright new talent in the industry. To give something back. To create the space and capacity for new talent, new ideas and new ways. To challenge ourselves and our world of design. We believe that something unique is created in the intersection between tradition and innovation, and that fresh, new talent is the future. That's why we're so proud to receive hundreds of applications every year, and that several winners and participants have been invited into our design collections since the very beginning. Like the Bronco vase, the Latch coffee table, the Cocoon coat stand and the Zen rug.

Designs in our collection

Over the years, several of the winning designs have made their way into our collection, marking the beginning of a thriving collaboration. Here are some beautiful examples.

Designed by Dazingfeelsgood from Singapore

The Latch table series explores the simple beauty of solid oak wood, featuring organic shapes and an eye-catching design. A heavy tabletop in FSC® certified oak and chunky oak legs in playfully varying diameter. The Latch table series was designed by the Singaporean studio Dazingfeelsgood and was among the winners of our 2017 Bolia Design Awards.



Designed by Studio Emily Broom from Australia

Zen is a beautiful series of rugs with a distinctive design language. Australian designer Emily Broom won Bolia Design Awards in 2020 with the design. Her inspiration was the need to make our homes into peaceful sanctuaries – the rugs are therefore inspired by the Japanese 'Zen' gardens, which invite you to immerse yourself in relaxation and a feeling of well-being.



Designed by Fabio Vogel

In 2017, German designer Fabio Vogel was a Bolia Design Awards winner with the Bronco vase. A stunning design that beautifully combines traditional craftsmanship with new technology. Every single Bronco vase is completely unique as it is made of mouthblown glass – clear or matt opal white – which is blown into fabric bags to give the vase its distinctive pattern.



We're already looking forward to next year when we will once again delve into the future of design and the new, exciting opportunities. The competition is open for entries, and we would love for you to join and share your cool, creative, and innovative design ideas with us. Follow the link to the design brief below and find all you need to know as a participant.

Submit up to 3 designs here



Throughout the spring, we received brilliant design ideas from hopeful designers from all around the world. With the knowledge and opinions of our professional jury and all of you, we found the three talented winners. All the 2023 finalists and winners joined us as we celebrated creativity at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, and you can see their innovative, bold and beautiful creations below.

Circuit Chair

Jacob Zettersten

  • Circuit Chair

  • Jacob Zettersten

Jury Prize

Designed by Jacob Zettersten

This design is the result of a study in the applicability of surface modifications to 3D-printed biocomposites. Inspired by the sheer complexity of nature, the design is an example of the possibility of preserving the natural qualities of wood when using modern materials and manufacturing techniques. Carefully developed to guide the next generaton of sustainable scandinavian furnishings.

Stacked Tension Stool

Marcus Götschl

  • Stacked Tension Stool

  • Marcus Götschl

People's Choice Prize

Designed by Marcus Götschl

The Stacked Tension stool is a durable piece of furniture with reduced material consumption. The design reinterprets tense modern architecture, using tension and compression to stabilize the stackable solid wood stool and create an ergonomically curved seat. With its minimalist aesthetics, materials, and consistent sustainable approach, the design represents a focus on the essentials.

Slide Side Table

Deniz Aktay

  • Slide Side Table

  • Deniz Aktay

Circularity Prize

Designed by Deniz Aktay

The idea behind the Slide table is to try to leave as little offcuts as possible by cutting it out of a single wood sheet, which also makes it predestined for flat packaging. By cutting out a round tabletop and using the rest for the two crossed, interlaced table legs, you not only use every part of the wood sheet, but you also obtain a very interesting shape. You simply “slide” the legs together and add the tabletop. It is as easy as that. A timeless design with beautiful organic outlines.

We love to explore creativity and challenge the world around us and the way we work, live and design. We believe that something very special is created when different perspectives, industries and experiences meet. That’s why this year’s professional jury consists of exciting personalities, who come from very different industries and with different backgrounds, each contributing their own perspective on the design of the future. And together we share a passion for great visions, circular solutions and beautiful design. Below you can read more about the individual members of the jury and their professional background.



    • Ruben Hughes

      Ruben Hughes is a passionate Art- and Creative Director originally from the New York City area, currently living in Copenhagen. His experience spans over 10 years covering creative direction, art direction and social media, which has given him a sharp eye for detail and a purebred love of aesthetics. Ruben’s portfolio of collaborations holds an inspiring variety of well-known interior and lifestyle brands like ILLUM, Menu, Bang & Olufsen and more.

    • Pella Hedeby

      Pella Hedeby is a Swedish interior designer, stylist, and influencer, working with interiors and styling for companies and private customers. Her aesthetic is inspired by soft minimalism, beautifully reflected by her love of natural materials and timeless pieces that create harmony and calm atmospheres.

    • Maria Kentorp

      Maria Kentorp is a Danish journalist with a passion for interior and lifestyle. She is the home section editor at Børsen, the leading business newspaper in Denmark. Her inspiring background holds studies of modern culture and a previous work life as a journalist at other renowned Danish media.

    • Jan van Rossem

      Jan van Rossem has been editor-in-chief of IDEAT Germany since the magazine was relaunched in 2020. He was previously editor of magazines such as Max, Petra and Ambiente, and worked as an executive editor in design and architecture at AW Architektur & Wohnen.

    • Bolia Design Team

      The final part of our Bolia Design Awards jury is a team of our own in-house experts. With experience ranging from furniture design and concept development to sustainability and compliance, they help bring focus and perspective on some of the important values, we are looking for in the future of design. And who knows, maybe your creation will catch their eye and become part of our collection?



    A big thank you

    Thanks to all those who took part. Those of you who impressed and inspired us, and found their way into our creative playground. Every design idea has had a message to share and added a new, global touch to our Scandinavian corner of the world. And we believe this creates something utterly invaluable.

    1. Jury Prize (€ 7000)

    Every year, we team up with passionate creatives from the lifestyle and design industry. Together they make up our professional jury, which selects this year’s finalists and winners of the Jury Prize and the Circularity Prize.

    1. People's Choice Prize (€ 3500)

    The People's Choice Prize is selected by you, our customers. The eight finalists are put to the vote on, and then it's up to you to vote for the design you think has the greatest potential.

    1. Circularity Prize (€ 3500)

    When the jury selects the Circularity Prize, they are looking for a design where circular design solutions are incorporated into every detail and component. A design made from sustainably certified or recycled materials. A design that has the least possible impact on the environment throughout its lifetime and which in terms of identity, look and design is timeless and relevant year after year.

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