Bolia Design Awards

Every year, we pay tribute to the best talents in our industry at the Bolia Design Awards. A magnificent tradition, established more than 15 years ago, which not only supports and opens exciting doors for brave designers, but also helps us see things in a new light and find new ways to create changes for the better. 

Several of the winning designs have found their way into our collection – with royalties for each talented designer – and have marked the start of a thriving collaboration. Below you can see some of the designs in our collection that began their journey in the Bolia Design Awards. 

Circularity Prize

The Circularity Prize is all about change. It is a prize awarded to a design where circular design solutions are incorporated into every single detail and component. A design made from sustainably certified or recycled materials. A design with the least possible impact on the environment throughout its lifetime and which in terms of identity, look and design is timeless and relevant year after year. 

Designed by Ségolène Pla-Busiris

"Exploring the properties of soil and limestone led to new thoughts on our relationship with the mineral world – a world that remembers and preserves the footprint of its environment and what we humans leave behind. The natural materials and traditional techniques used to make the design mean it is already several centuries old. That’s why Fragment is designed to stand the test of time and perhaps bring us closer to the sought-after idea of timelessness." 

Designed by Sara Ullvetter Norman, Sweden

"The Dune chair is inspired by the natural tranquillity and simplicity of the Scandinavian heritage, where all superfluous details are removed. Made of solid oak and hemp. With its natural and non-toxic finish, oak is one of the most ecological materials around. Hemp has many ecological qualities. It requires little water, has a positive impact on the soil and is very adaptable to different climates. The simple straight lines combined with the soft binding of hemp create a timeless feel and a high-quality design." 


"We discovered the French company FabBrick, which sorts clothes waste and recycles it into usable materials, and this is where the idea of Moon arose, as much of the material is used in the architecture and design industry. We envisioned a simple, curved design with the idea of visualising the circularity of the design in its form. This is also the reason for its name “Moon” – as the moon is also in constant cyclical phases. The material combination of grey hues and the porous appearance of platinum travertine is reminiscent of the moon’s colours and rawness." 


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  1. Jury Prize (€ 7000)

  2. People's Choice Prize (€ 3500)

  3. Circularity Prize (€ 3500)