Bolia Design Awards

Every year since 2007, we've paid tribute to the bright new talent in the industry. We established Bolia Design Awards to give something back. To create space for the new talents and to challenge ourselves and our world of design. We believe that something extraordinary is created in the intersection between tradition and innovation. And that new emerging talents are the future. That's why we're unbelievably proud to receive hundreds of applications every year, and that several winners and participants have been invited into our design collections since the very beginning. Like the Bronco vase, Latch coffee table and Pebble sofa.

First Place


Thomas Woltmann

The Re-C is a flat packed chair produced in recycled wood after which its lacquered and lastly assembled by its new owner. Through transparency, narration and user involvement, it seeks to create a new sustainable furniture production system. A circular system where discarded material is given a new and lasting life. The recycled material used all come with a story. A story conveyed to its new owner creating a bond between the owner and the product. And this creates an awareness of the origins and production of the furniture. The Re-C brings about systematic change to furniture production and consumption. A new circular system made to be scaled up, to reach as many people as possible. The chair is an example of this new circular system put into use. It shows that it’s possible to design, produce and consume sustainable, unique, affordable and interesting furniture. The Re-C is introduced in 4 steps: Re-cycled, Re-processed, Re-painted and Re-assembled.

Sustainability Prize


Episode Studio

For this project we wanted to go back to the essential, to nature, to simplicity. When we think of Scandinavian design, these are the first words that come to mind. Our objects are therefore made of a single material: earth. There is nothing more natural, rawer and simpler. We have therefore created a collection of tables that use two different processes: rammed earth, and terracotta. These ancestral techniques are as eco-friendly as they are sustainable. They generate almost no waste, use local materials and require no polluting components. This know-how also has aesthetic qualities. The rammed earth is fascinating, and its irregular strata seem to speak about the richness of the earth. This technique allows each table to be unique by its rhythm, its tones and its composition. The terracotta offers an inimitable colour that takes on a magnificent patina over time. With these processes, we worked on very raw, sculptural forms in order to highlight the natural beauty of the material. We wanted to preserve an aesthetic that refers to the ancient while being very contemporary. These objects, decorative and functional, tend to bring nature back to the centre of our interiors, in its purest and simplest form.

The Customer Prize


Kateryna Lisakovych

Miwa Table brings a new perspective to a modern workspace. Elegant silhouette of the table reminds a traditional Japanese gate comprised of three sections named Miwa torii. Curved base with a main tabletop and smaller niches on both sides shapes various surfaces for work and creativity. While remaining a light appearance the table designed to serve different scenarios — both as a desk and a dressing table. Subtle details, rounded corners and distinctive legs with metal frame create a modern Scandinavian look. Miwa Table made of certified sustainable materials. Front compartment under the tabletop serves as a dressing table, another one provides room space for storage devices and even charging it. Designed in proportions, storage trays are an elegant complement to the workspace. With configurable design trays in recycled plastic can be placed one on top of the other.

Characteristic of the many creative design ideas we have received has been that Scandinavian design, as we know it, transcends time, place, cultures and countries. We have received design ideas from all over the world. From Singapore, Ukraine, Norway, USA, China, Spain and almost every corner of the world. Every design idea has had a message to share and added a new, global touch to our Scandinavian corner. And we believe that creates something completely invaluable.

A big thank you

Thank you to all of you who took part. Those of you who impressed and innovated us, and who found their way to our little playground. And thanks to those of you who have voted, shared your joy and enthusiasm. It might sound like a cliché, but we'd be nothing without you.



Bolia Design Awards 2022

We're already looking forward to 2022, when we will once again be holding Bolia Design Awards. We'll open for participation in January 2022, and as we get closer, we'll share more details about the specific dates, prices and practical information in our newsletter. Sign up to the newsletter or follow us on social media for a continuous stream of love, design and info.