New Scandinavian Design

As we move, grow and change in the flow of our lives, we become more conscious of new opportunities, of the choices we make and the footprint we leave behind.  

And just like the nature that surrounds us, we find new ways to grow, to break with the structures that bind us, to free up creativity and to see our lives, our work and our world with fresh eyes. 

We find new ways to chase our dreams, live by our values, be who we are and love those we want to love, and new ways to be inspired to create a change for the better. 

Welcome to an ever-changing, fluid and free-spirited world. 
Welcome to Bolia. 


We believe that good design is not only about what you see but also about how it is created and the emotions it stirs. Explore the core elements of our design universe and all the things we love the most.

We work closely with designers from all over the world – from emerging new talent to large, prestigious design studios. And whatever part of the world they come from, they all share our passion for natural materials, sustainable solutions and new Scandinavian design.

Every year, we pay tribute to the best talents in our industry at the Bolia Design Awards. A magnificent tradition, established more than 15 years ago, which each year focuses on new, bold and inspiring design, created by budding talents from all over the world.

Our collection is created by talented designers from all over the world – perfected, tailor-made and brought to life in our stores. We love sharing our creativity and passion for sustainable options and quality craftsmanship. Below is a video of our entire design universe. A universe where the changing Scandinavian seasons are our biggest source of inspiration and where every new design is made to last for years.