Our design philosophy

Welcome to a world of new Scandinavian design, inspired by the everchanging nature that surrounds us. A collection designed by world renowned designers and handcrafted in Europe from nature´s finest materials by highly skilled craftsmen and –women. Timeless design, customised for you, and built to last.

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From the first sketches to the final product, every design is made to last. Crafted from the finest and most durable natural materials. All designed to create calm, luxurious and beautiful spaces. Tailormade just for you. For decades of life and for generations to come.

10-year warranty

Every new collection starts with a creative brief for our designers, who brilliantly turn our design dreams into inspiring sketches, product ideas and prototypes. And most important of all is the sustainable mindset behind each design, in terms of material choice, longevity, construction, component design and durability.

The finest design suggestions are selected, refined, and perfected – and the creation of the physical design begins. An inspiring process, done in close collaboration with the designer and carefully selected manufacturer. The creative phase from our initial design brief to the reveal of the final new design takes around 18 months, and now it’s finally here – The New Collection.

Inspired by nature

Designing tranquility

All materials, colours, shapes and textures in our collection are thoughtfully coordinated and expressed through inspiring mood boards. Explore the harmonious combinations and discover the elements that resonate with your soul and reflect your personal style.


From our very first concept sketches we adhere to 6 simple, yet powerful sustainable principles. Repair, Reduce, Rethink, Recycle, Refuse and Reuse. The 6 R’s are an essential ingredient in our design brief and in the creation of beautiful long-lasting designs, developed with a sustainable product lifecycle from start to finish.

    • Made to last

      In the creation of our new collection, our designers focus on extending the longevity of each product while minimizing its footprint by finding ways to use less material and energy for manufacturing. We consider how we can reduce waste and optimise packaging. How the design can be repaired and recycled. How we can rethink parts and components to be replaceable. For instance, by introducing changeable covers for many of our indoor and outdoor sofas – allowing you to renew and refresh your designer sofa over, and over again.


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