Studio Emily Broom

Studio Emily Broom, Australia

My multidisciplinary approach merges formal training in Architecture, Interior Design and Visual Communications to create meaningful design solutions that are well rounded and complement an intuitive way of living. Each project is an opportunity to explore the fine balance where practicality and sophistication co-exist in elegant and exciting harmony. This gives rise to new spatial and product solutions that are useful, engaging and relevant.

I am excited by the intersection of interiors and products, people and spaces and enriching the experience when these things meld together. I have a keen focus on simple geometry, quality materials and an appreciation of craftsmanship and permanency. Tactility, form and composition are key factors throughout my design process. I like to get my hands dirty so I can understand and experience the design as it evolves. I believe this helps my designs become more free and intuitive and hopefully richer as a result.

My work aims to look good, be delightful to the touch and be easy to understand.