Materials & care

Here you can explore our different materials, furniture coverings, leather variants, wood types, marble variants and more. And of course, you can also read about the correct and detailed care of a specific material. Choose from the different categories below and delve into our beautiful quality materials.

Our materials & furniture care

Here you can explore our different materials and learn how just by making a few small adjustments and taking proper care can extend the life of your furniture by many years. And maybe even generations.

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A sustainable journey

We are on a sustainable journey towards something better. We're not perfect, but we always ensure that sustainability and durability are the starting point every time we create new designs. That's why packaging, care products, replaceable parts and recycling of the finished result are all aspects we consider when working tirelessly to extend the durability and lifetime of each design.

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Made to last

Our design collections are created from nature's sustainable materials, its tranquil tones and peaceful breathing spaces. Tailor-made and perfected into beautiful timeless designs, where authentic details and long-lasting quality are brought to life in a peaceful universe designed to create calm, luxurious and beautiful spaces.

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A 10-year warranty

Quality is one thing. Timeless design is something else. Together they form our basis of our existence. And our finest task is to create something that lasts. That's why we always give you a 10-year warranty on everything in our collection. Even though it of course lasts longer.

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