Beautiful and poetic glass

Glass is made from natural materials and is naturally durable and easy to maintain. Our different types of glass range from tempered glass to mouth-blown crystal glass, and each type offers different qualities. Read below how to maintain your furniture or accessories in glass.


Our mouth-blown glass has a very unique expression, which is characterised by the special technique used in the production. This technique also ensures every vase or design created with this technique is totally unique. Be aware therefore that no two glasses or vases will be completely identical, and you need to embrace the special, handmade look.

Crystal glass is thinner than ordinary glass, but also heavier due to its lead oxide content. Crystal glass is generally more durable than ordinary glass and is therefore particularly suitable as a wine glass. Our crystal glass is mouth-blown, which makes each glass completely unique. You should therefore be aware that no two glasses will be completely the same.

Tempered glass is glass that has been made harder and more resistant by a special heating and cooling process. Tempered glass is both stronger, more durable and more resistant than ordinary glass and is therefore used for e.g. tabletops – which retain the poetic lightness of glass but with high strength.


    • How to maintain designs in glass

      Glass is a versatile material that can withstand almost all acids, liquids and similar cleaning products. Clean with a clean, well-wrung cloth. Never use abrasive cleaners or cream, as they can make the surface dull and create scratches. All of our drinking glasses are dishwasher safe.