Handmade design

Handmade ceramics are beautiful and durable and add a beautiful and unique touch to your interior. We offer dinnerware in both stoneware and fine porcelain – with different aesthetic qualities to suit every dinner table. Read about the types here.

Stoneware is made from natural clay, which is carefully shaped by hand into fine bowls, cups, plates, etc., and then fired at high heat. Next, the raw creations are glazed in beautiful colours and exciting textures, and each stoneware bears the mark of this handmade process. Stoneware has a timeless look and is durable, heat- and wear-resistant. Ceramic is dishwasher and common detergent safe, but we do not recommend using abrasive powders or cream as they can dull and scratch the surface.

Porcelain is the term for ceramics made from a special blend of kaolin clay, quartz and feldspar, which are first shaped by hand and then fired at high heat. Porcelain products withstand knocks and impact better than other ceramic materials and can therefore be made thinner than stoneware. This makes them lighter, both in weight and in appearance - a completely classic material that will follow you throughout your life. Dishwasher and microwave-safe. Never use abrasive cleaners or cream, as they can make the surface dull and create scratches.