A beautiful and dreamy expression

Travertine is a unique natural stone with a beautiful and dreamy expression. The tranquil patterns and colours invite calm and nature inside, and together with wood and other natural materials create the framework for a light and soothing universe.

Sand Travertine

  • Sand Travertine



A timeless natural material

    • How to keep travertine beautiful

      Travertine can last for hundreds of years and is easy to maintain, but needs a little TLC to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it moved into your home. Among other things, the surface does react well to acid or acidic cleaning agents – you should therefore avoid spilling liquids such as lemon. Also, do not place hot objects directly on the surface.

      We recommend that you apply marble polish to all surfaces of your travertine furniture. The care product cleans, polishes and leaves a protective film on the surface. The durability of the treatment depends on use, so you should apply it once a month if you wipe the surface frequently.

      Daily cleaning can be done with a damp cloth. Never use an abrasive powder or sponge as this will make the surface dull and create scratches. Be aware that colourful liquids such as red wine, beetroot juice and similar can discolour the surface – wipe these away with a damp cloth if any spillages occur.