Natural beauty

Leather is a timeless and beautiful natural material that changes and patinas beautifully over time. And every piece is unique. Together with solid wood, leather is one of the leading, classic elements of our Scandinavian design heritage – an iconic and quality-conscious material that will last for generations.

For us, traceability is an important part of responsible design, and we work with our suppliers to achieve 100% transparency across all supply chains, so we can track the journey from raw material to your living room. All leather that we use either comes from Europe or Australia, which not only ensures that the leather is of the best quality, but also that it comes from areas where animal welfare is imposed by law.

Our skilled manufacturers quality control the leather to ensure both uniformity and quality. In addition, both Quattro Traceable and Austin Nubuck are certified according to LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®, which ensures that they comply with limit values for ingredients that are harmful to health – which often go far beyond national and international requirements.

SPOOR leather

Sydney Traceable is an exclusive, traceable aniline leather from Italy, with a classic and timeless feel. The natural and untreated surface gives the leather a beautiful and vibrant expression with fine variations in structure and colour – a testament to the natural quality of aniline leather is known for. The soft and comfortable surface structure will only become more beautiful over the years and patinate as only a quality natural leather can.


Type: aniline

Patinates beautifully over time

Light fastness: 3

Country of origin: Italy

Quattro leather by SPOOR is a chrome-free and biodegradable premium Scandinavian leather. Each piece can be traced all the way from farm to finished product – sourced exclusively from Danish and Swedish cows and turned into luxuriously soft leather at Denmark’s last remaining tannery, located on the island of Funen.

The leather has a beautifully uniform look and a protective surface treatment that makes it resistant to scratches, stains, and sun fading. Ideal for those who love the natural look of leather but want something that is easily cleaned and maintained.


Type: surface-treated leather

Resistant to wear and stains

Light fastness: 4-5

Country of origin: Denmark and Sweden

Austin is a luxurious and irresistibly soft nubuck leather. Nubuck means that it is an aniline leather where the outside is lightly buffed to achieve the velvety surface that resembles suede – but where the strength of the full-grain leather is retained. The natural and breathable quality means that there will be beautiful variations in the structure and colours of the leather. The soft and supple surface is more sensitive to light, heat and stains, and over time will have a beautiful, classic patina. Austin Nubuck is Gold Rated by LWG, which means that the manufacturer is particularly good at taking into account environmental considerations, traceability and working conditions.


Type: nubuck leather

Patinates beautifully over time

Light fastness: 3


Gold Rated by Leather Working Group

Country of origin: Slovakia

Vella is a soft and natural sheepskin of the highest quality from New Zealand. Perfect for creating warm and comforting moments in your home, with its luxurious softness and soothing texture. As a natural leather, there will be unique variations in colour and curl, distinguishing a real sheepskin from a synthetic one. 


Material: Leather

Martindale: 32,000

Light fastness: 3

Country of origin: New Zealand

A living material

It’s a good idea to start by giving your furniture leather protection, to make sure it stays beautiful for years and will patinate properly. Repeat the treatment a couple of times a year, or as needed, and usethe care products that suit your leather type on an ongoing basis.

Continuously clean your furniture with a lint-free cloth moistened with demineralised water. Avoid using water on nubuck – just use a dry cloth or our nubuck brush.


Can be used on all types of leather and will not change the surface, breathability or appearance of the leather. The protection acts as an invisible film, which reinforces the leather.

Designed to clean and wash the leather and to enhance its natural qualities over time. The cleaner can be used on all leather types, except suede and nubuck, and should be followed by leather cream.

Recommended for maintenance of all leather types, except suede and nubuck, and contains nourishing vitamins and nutrients that ensure that the leather’s softness and natural properties and appearance are preserved. Regular treatment significantly reduces scratches, drying out and bleaching.
We recommend that you repeat the treatment four times a year, or regularly as needed whenever the leather appears dull or dry.


Not sure how to use your care product and how often you should repeat the care? Watch the how-to video on caring for leather here and learn how to use your care product.

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