Jute and seagrass

Invite nature inside

Invite nature inside with rugs and baskets handmade in jute and seagrass, and let nature’s colours and textures create a calm and warm expression. Jute and seagrass are beautiful and flexible craft materials produced by nothing more than plants. No two pieces are alike, so a beautiful interplay of colours is created when several designs are combined.

Seagrass is a term used to describe flowering plants that live underwater in the sea or lakes. After harvesting, the plants are left to dry in the sun, so the fibres become durable and can be woven or braided into anything from beautiful baskets, rugs, mats and more.

Jute is a textile fibre made from the strong fibres of the jute plant. It is therefore both extremely durable and 100% biodegradable. At the same time, the jute plant is fast growing and requires less water than cotton, for example. Our jute rugs are woven by hand, which is why each rug is unique. Therefore, there may be small differences in colour and weave.


How to care for jute and seagrass

We recommend vacuuming your jute rug weekly. Do not use the vacuum brush as this will pull out the fibres. Alternatively, you can beat the rug. It is a good idea to rotate the rug a couple of times a year so that wear is distributed evenly. Please note that the colour can be bleached if it is left in direct sunlight.