Raw and unique

Concrete has a calm and stylish appearance that is reminiscent of the clean lines of modern architecture and the raw aesthetics of industry. A natural material with unique and beautiful properties consisting of only cement, sand, stone and water. Read more about how to best maintain concrete below.

Every single sheet of concrete is unique and has an exclusively raw look, while being durable and able to last almost forever with the right care.

Fibre cement has the same aesthetic qualities and the same high strength as concrete, but instead of stone, it is blended with fibres, which makes it a lighter material.


    • How to maintain concrete

      We recommend that you use our stone sealer on your concrete design. The care product saturates the surface and leaves a protective film. The durability of the treatment depends on use, so you should apply it once a month or as needed if you wipe the surface frequently.

      Daily cleaning can be done with a damp cloth. Coloured liquids such as red wine, beetroot juice and similar, as well as acidic liquids such as lemon, can discolour the surface – wipe these away immediately with a damp cloth.