A peek behind the scenes – the new collection

A peek behind the scenes – the new collection

Sixteen months ago, we briefed our talented collective of designers from all over the world on our thoughts and wishes for the new collection. A collection inspired by the subtle, lively changeability of nature and the seasons, and which is later created by skilled designers and craftsfolk in beautiful reinterpretations of Scandinavian design.

Like the Scandinavian seasons, our collective of designers is not afraid of change. They are united by a shared passion for natural materials, sustainable solutions and New Scandinavian Design – and that's exactly what we wanted this collection to reflect.

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That’s why in April of last year we sent out a design brief to our skilled collective of creative souls. A brief of almost 40 pages that sets the tone with mood boards, all  kinds of wishes and our most important priorities. Where sustainability is the most mentioned word, and a wide range of natural materials are highlighted as being the ones we both want to use and love working with. And we also love exploring new opportunities and sustainable solutions. That’s why we always encourage our talented designers to think outside the box and explore everything from recycled materials and upcycling to natural ways of dyeing textiles.

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In addition to the interior of the design, every year we also have new wishes and ideas for producing creative creations that reflect our Scandinavian design heritage. And this also offers plenty of room for interpretation within everything from clean, graphic lines to organic shapes and soft silhouettes, whilst retaining one shared element – the beautiful, handmade quality. 

    • A design aesthetic coherence

      Finally, different categories are unfolded, both existing and future, and we delve into each and every one, with beautiful mood boards and informative mind maps. Always with a focus on ensuring an aesthetic coherence from room to room, and at the same time with a desire to develop selected designs that we already have in the collection. We love creating complete design series that create luxurious spaces and tranquillity for the eye.

    A journey towards something better.

    We are on an eternal journey towards something better and more sustainable, and over the last couple of years we've worked hard to design fewer but better products. Constructed in solid, FSC®-certified wood and embraced by soft STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified furniture fabrics. That's why our new collection launches won't be inundated by a multitude of new designs . Instead, you'll find just a few additions to each category, all handmade from the finest materials, with a classic and timeless character that will last for many years. And on any design in our collection, we offer a 10-year guarantee.

    A brand-new visual universe

    Tactile textures