Artisanal woodwork in a beautiful design

Artisanal woodwork in a beautiful design

Story is a series of side, coffee and bar tables, each with their own unique story. A story that begins with a skilled craftsman’s hands and unfolds in your home. A series with a natural appearance created by the beautiful mark of time and accentuated in the patina’s unique patterns in the solid, FSC®-certified oak.

Each piece of wood used for the sides of the table is carefully cut to size and placed in elegant rows that discreetly conceal the table's interior. The result is an airy front, and when the light shines through the wooden rows, the effect on the room is truly eye-catching.

Discover the Story Series

    • Story bar table

      A beautiful reinterpretation of a familiar functional design. Created with the finest attention to detail, the Story bar table really stands out from the crowd. The table top is removable and doubles as a beautiful wooden dish, handy for serving guests.

    • Story coffee & side table

      Every table in the Story series is created by skilled craftsmen, and the three variants complement each other beautifully when put together. Put the side table at the end of the sofa with a table lamp on top, the coffee table in the centre of the room and the bar table in a corner, with some elegant glasses inside that discreetly reflect the light between the rows of wood.

    The creative minds behind Story are two talented Danish designers, Anna Karnov & Clara Mahler. The fleeting nature of time is one of their greatest sources of inspiration, and they love to include it in any design process. The result is timeless and durable designs that trump short-term trends.

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    We believe that when we surround ourselves with beautiful design, we find inner peace. Handmade creations in soothing colours and natural materials that are made to last. We love to create designs that age gracefully and meet your exact needs and wishes. Just like Story.

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    Inspired by Scandinavian nature

    Inspired by Scandinavian seasons