Bolia Aarhus - where it all began

Bolia Aarhus - where it all began

Since 2007 Bolia Aarhus - our flagship store – has been placed in the previous DSB central train repair facility for trains passing from Jutland and Funen. The facility was established in 1862 and was in November 2005 placed on the Danish national registry of protected buildings. In 2007 Bolia Aarhus moved in downstairs, while headquarters was established right above the Aarhus store.

The store is a remarkable siting, where the tall building holds so much history still evident in even the smallest details, and you can almost see and feel how more than 2000 employees made their way to the building on a daily basis mending and cleaning trains until 1949. In 1990 the facility close down, and then nearly twenty years later, Bolia enrolled and decided to dress the walls, floors and ceilings with beautiful Scandinavian design, without forgetting the immense, proud work that had taken place in the buildings for so long.

On the upstairs department, Bolia headquarters is placed, covered in great windows with beautiful panels, and each year when the new collection arrives the Bolia headquarters undergoes a rebuilding, much like every other Bolia store. It’s a beautiful yet simple way to support our never-changing DNA of always being in beta, and always striving to create even more beautiful, sustainable Scandinavian design to you – starting with ourselves.


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