Complete design series

Complete design series

For those decadent moments, for reflection, relaxation, tranquillity and for everyday life. Our glass series and designs dining table designs create a harmonious backdrop, where craftsmanship and aesthetics meet in complete series of the highest quality.

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Forma is a series comprising a quality service with a characteristic elegant and timeless expression. Each item combines a square base with a rounded top, giving the series a harmonious yet playful expression. Inspired by minimalist Japanese design language and traditions, Forma is handmade in durable stoneware, giving the series a timeless quality that will transcend current trends and tendencies.

Forma Service Series


Zeppelin is an elegant cutlery series made of high-quality steel. Each item is made from solid steel and has a slightly rounded shape that gives the design a timeless and graceful edge. The light shaft, the curving contours and the slightly defined edges provide a comfortable grip and an elegant profile.

Zeppelin Cutlery


Rheolog is a series of high-quality carafes and glasses designed by jüngerkühn. The carafe is made of highly polished stainless steel with clear references to the delicate, organic shapes you see in nature. The incredibly simple glasses are made of mouth-blown glass, without any reflection, which emphasises the high quality and the elegant design with an organic and modern slant that is reflected in both the design and material selection.

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Hour is a series of vases, bowls and candleholders inspired by the silhouette of the hourglass and the transient quality of time. With its pure and fine beauty, Hour highlights the little details in life and the fragility of time. A sculptural design language with beautiful contours designed to slow things down, and its elegant and beautiful exterior that's created to put life on hold for a moment. 

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