Our heart beats to the rhythm. Especially the electronic kind. That’s why we invite some of the world’s best DJ’s in for a set in our Sofa Sessions. For you to enjoy, here is Alexander – also known as DESCROIX.


Behind DESCROIX you’ll find Alexander Descroix. His electronic career started as a family affair, as he was introduced to electronic music by his father. At first, Alexander produced & DJ'd, but he quickly found out that it was even more interesting managing music himself. DESCROIX started his carrier at Iboga Records where he now runs the downtempo sublabel "SOFA BEATS".

His Sofa Session set for Bolia is designed to fit the grand hall with endless respect for long twisted soundwaves. It is composed to give you inner peace and to make you feel at ease and at home. We hope you will enjoy it.



Astrid Engbjerg