Episode #5: the future of relationships

Episode #5: the future of relationships

Christian Groes is an anthropologist and gender studies researcher at the University of Roskilde. He has specialised himself in gender, sexuality, sexual transactions, sexual capital and female erotic power, and has conducted field studies in the capital of Mozambique, Maputo on safe sex and HIV preventive care, while he later did research on how immigrant women from Mozambique migrate as a mistress of European men, and the relationship between migrating women. Recently he has researched human trafficking, prostitution and sugar dating in a Danish context.


In this interesting episode Christian Groes invites you on a journey through love, gender, sexuality, norms, values and relationships in the next 20 years. As he explains: “In the next 20 years, our ways of relating to each other will be transformed in ways we cannot imagine.”

Taking both fluidity and flexibility of gender, gender roles, relationships, family constellations and human interaction, he argues that new norms will arise, inevitably saying that gender equality, diversity and fluidity will substitute the old family structures and how and what we think dating, love and marriage should be like.


    • “In a way we can say, women will become more powerful in the domain of sex while men would become more responsible.”

      Intrigued? Join Christian Groes in this interesting and forward-thinking episode and get ready to have your boundaries and horizon expanded.

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