Inspiration for table settings: memorable evenings

Inspiration for table settings: memorable evenings

Inspired by the wild and beautiful Scandinavian nature, we unfold the beautiful inevitabilities of everyday life and invite you on a journey of tranquillity, beautiful details and naturalness. To create something memorable that both you and your guests will remember for many years to come. Find inspiration to create just the right atmosphere with, among other things, the Arcs and Silhouette series.


This beautiful and timeless tableware set is inspired by nature's organic forms and is playfully light. Each design is moulded and rotated by hand, making every single piece unique. The porcelain is of the finest quality to ensure durability, and the soft contours add an exclusive slant to the series' timeless and classic design.

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    • The Silhouette series

      Silhouette is a complete glass series, designed by Danish Thomas Brido Petersen, who has drawn inspiration from the sun and the silhouette that emerges when shielded from your eyes. It is this elegant and natural contour that has given Silhouette its beautiful design language. The series is made of exclusive crystal glass, known for its superior durability, which makes it possible to create a very thin and fine glass with a slender stem. Crystal glass is one hundred percent transparent and will never bounce reflected light.

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