Luxe Soundsystem: A fusion of aesthetics and sound experiences

Luxe Soundsystem: A fusion of aesthetics and sound experiences

The Danish designer, Michael H. Nielsen, is behind the Luxe series, which includes the Luxe Soundsystem. The design is the result of a creative collaboration with the sound engineers, Lemus, who have created an award-winning and integrated sound with well-thought-out functions that match the highest HiFi quality in an aesthetic profile.


In Bolia we're inspired by music and are particularly drawn towards the creative tension that creates harmony when differences are brought into play. That's why we enter into creative collaborations with budding talent, designers, musicians and artists to create something new and quite extraordinary.

That is why it's close to our heart to live out our musical creativity in collaboration with passionate experts and sound engineers. Lemus is a Danish design company with a clear profile and direction that prioritises design and quality in exactly the same way that we do. And which has years of expertise in creating audio experiences of the highest, most impressive calibre.

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    • An aesthetic fusion

      Luxe Soundsystem is a fusion of aesthetics and function. Of high-quality sound and beautiful, sustainable craftsmanship. Imagine a compelling sound like you have in a cinema, and now imagine that you can enjoy the same impressive and powerful sound in your own home. Without any wires, with well-thought-out functions and a natural and elegant appearance. That was precisely the inspiration behind the design. To bring two worlds together without having to compromise.

    Luxe Soundsystem is designed as an aesthetic piece of furniture for discerning music lovers, who know and recognise good sound when they hear and experience it. For those who know that good sound needs to be heard. That's why you can experience the Luxe Soundsystem and all the design's possibilities in select stores, play with the different features and get a feel for the impressive sound that is hiding behind the aesthetic herringbone doors.

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