Soulland x Bolia

Soulland x Bolia

At Bolia, we work with fashion, art, music and some of the coolest entrepreneurs around the world; all of which helps to get the inspiration flowing and expand our horizons. For example, we have entered into a creative collaboration with the menswear brand Soulland and you can experience the results of it in a small limited edition collection, offering offbeat material choices, informal shapes and creative ideas.

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A sofa, a bench, stools, a Berber rug, accessories in concrete, a cool mirror and functional storage solutions. The Danish menswear brand, Soulland, has created an exclusive furniture collection for the design chain,

"For a long time, we have had difficulties finding just the right interior for our stands and our shops. So why not make it ourselves? We are immensely inspired by material contrasts and that has been our focus in this project. We have blended some very exclusive materials, such as lacquered birch knot with more industrial materials like chromated steel. We have also drawn inspiration from some of the social housing projects from the 60s and 70s, for better or worse. The slogan for the collection 'No Future, New culture' speaks to some of these contrasts and is the unifying thought behind both the story and the materials" explains Soulland's founder and designer, Silas Adler.


The focal point of the collaboration has been to create a collection of flexible and functional furniture that can be used in a showroom, in a shop, in an office and of course also in the home.

In line with Soulland's clothing collections and universe, the furniture collection also features excellent craftsmanship with elements of surprise. A classic Berber rug has become oval instead of square and woven into the rug is the text: 'no future, new culture'. The text is written in Silas Adler's recognisable handwriting that often is a common thread in his collections. The collection is rugged, with cognac-coloured leather, steel and concrete.


"It has been a fun and delightful challenge working with Soulland. There are many parallels between fashion and design, but we do work in quite different ways. Silas and the Soulland team have come up with some designs, that we probably would not have put forward ourselves. We have had our boundaries pushed somewhat and some of our manufacturers have been given a challenge as well. But that is precisely the whole point of a collaboration. A collaboration must bring something new to the table and unify two distinct universes into a powerful joint product. Otherwise there's no point in doing it." Søren Kirkegaard, Head of Design at

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