Your personal retreat

Your personal retreat

The bedroom is a sanctuary. A room that gives us the peace and space to shut the door on our busy lives while we recharge and prepare for a new and beautiful day tomorrow. A space where the focus is on all things calming, peaceful and tactile. Soft textures, natural shades and a calming sense of silence. And to create just that, we'd like to welcome the Haven series into our family of beautiful Scandinavian design.

Cohesion allows the eye to find peace and the mind to rest. Fine designs that complement each other create a common thread of aesthetics and balance a space beautifully. That’s why the Haven series was designed with the aim of creating a complete bedroom. The designers behind Haven, Steffensen & Würtz, have created a series consisting of a bed frame, a headboard and a mirror, where the minimalistic perspective creates a calming appearance.

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Haven is a beautiful design series with added craftsmanship details and a love and honour for natural, solid and durable materials. The bed frame is made from solid FSC®-certified oak, and the soft, inviting headboard matches the minimalistic look with its elegant profile. The Haven mirror adds a natural decorative touch by beautifully reflecting the morning’s first rays of sunlight. All three designs in the series help to give the bedroom a discreet boost of tranquillity and natural simplicity.

The perfect fusion of form and function

Beautiful and timeless craftsmanship