Steelcase Collection

New Scandinavian design meets the world’s leading manufacturer of office furniture. That’s the starting point for Steelcase x Bolia. Together we’ll transform offices into creative, inspiring and homely work environments.

The Steelcase collection is a carefully selected collection of furniture and accessories that are perfect for creating luxurious and inspiring offices. We’ve put a lot of thought into the categories which each contains beautifully designed products and all necessary information – always ready for download. Right here you’ll see the entire Steelcase x Bolia collection – meticulously sorted into categories that make browsing through the products easy and inspiring.

Steelcase x Bolia is a collaboration in sync with our believe in natural, daring and luxurious materials and high quality products. We trust in our own pickiness and provide all needed information on our materials and the handcrafted and sustainable quality. Every image is also available through our Press Mode – that way you’re only one download away from the inspiring, dream-away universe of Steelcase x Bolia.

Look through the Steelcase x Bolia lookbook

The spaces we create are who we are.

With great things comes great responsibility. We don’t just care about our products; we care about how they come to be. So we are picky when it comes to our materials. They must be fine and luxurious, but also environmentally and socially responsible. 

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For more information on the Bolia Collection for Steelcase, contact:
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For more information on Steelcase, contact:
PR - Britta Gneiting
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For more information on Bolia, contact:
PR Manager Camilla Kallehauge Møller 
+ 45 28943804

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