Andreas Lund

Andreas Lund, Denmark

The Danish designer, Andreas Lund, creates designs based on Scandinavian ideals of simplicity, clarity, purity and authenticity, and the epitome of simplicity for him is when you cut to the bone and remove all the superfluous details, allowing the idea and design to shine through in dazzling clarity. As a designer, Andreas Lund is also passionate about long-term durability, sustainability and the environment. This is evident in his work through his use of materials and his timeless, innovative and distinctive design aesthetics.

Driven by the desire to push the boundaries, good design has to be beautiful with lots of character and be able to move and touch the recipient and the reality around us. He does this in particular through his approach to form and design language. His ultimate goal is to create designs that are long-lasting and at the same time give the user a sense of belonging and joy. The design should have a clear story and identity, which can be told and understood forever.