Halskov & Dalsgaard

Halskov & Dalsgaard, Denmark

We are Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard.
We were both educated at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, at The Design Department. Halskov & Dalsgaard Design was established in 1990.

We work with hardcore industrial design as well as lighting, furniture and lifestyle products. We love the variety of design fields and product areas that we are involved with. Being 2 dynamic and experienced designers, we are continuously driven by curiosity and interest in new design challenges.

To us inspiration is an open field and an open mind and a strong visual awareness and orientation. Inspiration and ideas can come from a totally different area and bits + fragments, materials + surfaces, shapes + concepts can be mixed and transformed into a new context. Open eyes + open mind is essential.

We focus on caring for the human being, functionality, respect for the environment, and strive to create a positive surplus by innovation and sense of humour.

Furniture design never ceases to be interesting, as objects that are physically close to us and that we use for practical reasons, for comfort, and that express and underline a personality we choose for our homes.