There are those who jump and those who don’t. There are those who’ll
try anything once, and those who won’t.

To be brave and let your curiosity, lead the way, into the creative unknown.
Because only you and no one else, lives quite the way you do.

Why no one has thought of this before is extraordinary. Your dining table has long been deprived of the comfort of sofas, but not anymore. Purpose built to be the perfect repose both for dining lounging and socializing around the modern dining table. It will keep your diners happy for longer.

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Our finest collection ever, saturated with creative excellence and superior craftsmanship, will launch with more than 165 new designs. Taking inspiration from Japanese minimalism, industrial craft and the voluptuous luxury of the seventies, reformed and combined with our Scandinavian design roots. More exclusivity, more inspiration, more craftsmanship, more luxury, more love. 

Here for you now

Our glorious lookbook, our centrepiece is more impressive than ever. Captured by the world renowned, London photographer, David Hughes and styled by Niklas Hansen of Stockholm, this year’s lookbook is nothing short of breathtaking. We’re in even more fabulous locations including some of the most stunning museums and venues in Denmark. More inspiration, more beauty, more luxury, more design.

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The luxurious 70’s

Lush textiles, curvy forms, heavy marble, exclusive brass, extravagant velvet, dark wood and a powerful wave of love. Catch a ride back to the playful and moody 70’s where the walls were filled with glamorous wallpaper, heavy velvet curtains and daring furniture shapes. Let yourself fall elegantly and sophisticated in love with designs that exudes luxury and decadence. 

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