New Scandinavian Design

Bolia was born in Denmark, and that serves as our main source of inspiration through everything we do. The vivid nature and materials that surround us and the Scandinavian Design heritage we are so immensely proud of. A heritage built on simplicity, elegance, craftmanship and honest materials.

A design collective

We collaborate with a brilliant stable of world-renowned, international designers – both from upcoming, vibrant talents to established design studios.
And no matter in what part of the world our designers live and breathe,
they all share the same passion for Scandinavian design, natural materials and sustainable creations.
Just like the Scandinavian seasons, our designers are not afraid of change.
They love to push the boundaries of Scandinavian design.
To give it a new, sustainable and global view, and to be part of writing the next chapter of Scandinavian Design.



Bolia presents 'Our Scandinavian Design Heritage'

With nature as our main component and inspiration, and through the four changing seasons and the sky, the sea and the soil, we will pay our respects to the Scandinavian heritage that shaped us and has taught us to craft with our hands and minds.

Every design in our collection is made from nature’s own materials and we are very selective about where and how every sourced material is produced. We don’t just want to ensure quality at every turn, we also want to be satisfied with every piece, knowing it comes with a clear conscience, both ethically and environmentally.

Our designs are made for the picky, the choosy, the quality conscious and the socially aware. Because that’s our whole philosophy right there; Our designs are tailor-made just for you by some the finest craftsmen in Europe. You can have each design however you want it, by choosing your favourite model in the perfect size. Made from your preferred sustainable material in the most beautiful fabric and colour.

All available in a myriad of combinations, and that one special blend that fits you. Only you.

The new Lookbook

Our new collection is wrapped in a new creative and visual universe – to reveal what’s behind every design: nature. We are taking our creativity back to a natural habitat. With its earthy tones, calm colour palette, Nordic flora, fauna and breath-taking landscapes, the Nordic nature is not just something you can look at from a window – it’s something you can actually live with, within the four walls we all call home. The Nordic nature that inspires us all – and inspired our designers on the quest for new wonderful master pieces.
Captured by the award-winning Danish fashion photographer, Henrik Bülow and styled by renowned stylist Christine Rudolph, this year’s look is a respectful tribute to our Scandinavian design heritage. All paper used, is of course from sustainable and FSC-certified Scandinavian forestry.
Have a peek inside or pick up your very own personal edition for free at your nearest Bolia store.