Bolia Design Awards

Just like the Scandinavian seasons, we’re not afraid of change. That is why we give something back to the creative business we all love so much, by inviting the new generation of designers to enter our annual Bolia Design Award. A wonderful tradition we established back in 2007. It´s a pleasure for us, every year, to honour the most creative suggestions, and to give the winners the opportunity to have their designs put into production - into the world - and all the way into your home.

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    • Bolia Design Awards 2020

      We're already looking forward to the Bolia Design Award 2020, which will be open for design proposals during spring 2020. We can't wait, once again to celebrate the creative talents who share the same passion for Scandinavian Design as us, and who interprets and re-defines it in their own beautiful and unexpected way.

      See you in 2020!

    Bolia Design Awards 2019 counted more than 500 different design proposals from all over the world. Creative minds from Canada, Taiwan, Israel, Russia, Vietnam, The United Arab Emirates, Germany, Norway and many more shared their personal take on New Scandinavian Design.

    Our professional jury had a really difficult job, short-listing and selecting the finest designs, based on creativity, potential, functionality and sustainability.


    Marbled salts by Roxane Lahidji, France

    Marbled salts explores future manufacturing possibilities by reinventing salt as a sustainable material for design applications.

    The research focused on predicting a possible future where materials are no longer excavated but recycled composites infinitely renewable. The project uses salt’s self-binding properties to mould a set of small side tables and low stools resembling luxurious stones. The design was focused on rare or costly shapes, as such objects would generate a significant amount of material waste if produced from natural stone. Coal powder and natural pigments mimic the aesthetics of expensive natural stone such as marble.

    Marbled salts is made from 95% Sea Salt - one of the most available and cheap resources on the planet, and was developed with an intermediary lifetime in order to remain easily reusable and follow consumption fashions. Inspired from old marble faking techniques Marbled Salts draws a contradictory parallel between the flexible versatility of salt and the material language of heavy and solid rock.

    Moonlight by Fabio Pugliese, Italy

    Swipe, slide, scroll. A gesture is a way to face technology, in a time where relations between objects and users are becoming ephemeral.

    Moonlight affirms the importance of gestures in creating a different relationship between the user and the object. The intensity of the light is modulated by sliding the sphere on the structure. The pivotal stick, inserted into the light source and linked to an internal dimmer, will regulate the light.

    The materials chosen for the presentation underline the simplicity of the shapes and interaction but a possible variation is to use a wooden structure with a square section instead of the proposed tubular metal frame.


    13Rosas by Cenlitrosmetrocadrado, Spain

    13Rosas is a system of equipment for social areas. The design process explores the functional aspects and interactions in this context and offers a light, flexible and aesthetic solution.

    A piece of furniture aimed to meet, share and socialize with. With a Nordic aesthetic, it is based on subtle nuances of blues and greys that contrast with the intensity of orange. The global approach wants to be timeless both in form and in the colour palette in order to be subtly integrated into any open space.

    Wooden planes are used on these light structures in order to create seating and working surfaces. On the other hand, cushions made of textile and foam can be easily combined in order to compose the rest area according to the different needs.

    Moonlight by Fabio Pugliese, Italy

    This beautiful and innovative lamp, designed by Fabio Pugliese, is both the winner of this year's Customer Prize and runner-up in the main competition, proving its value and admiration from both professionals and customers.

    Combining form and function, Moonlight allows you to adjust the intensity of its light by moving the orb. An innovative design that emulates the Moon's orbit around us all.