A Scandinavian pop-up showroom in New York

A Scandinavian pop-up showroom in New York

We flew our most beautiful designs cross the Atlantic with one goal: to create a Scandinavian oasis Down Town Manhattan where cool New Yorkers, leading architects, interior stylists and everyone else with a bleeding heart for Scandinavian aesthetic could experience our take on creative work- and living spaces.

Entering the penthouse at Columbus Circle, downtown Manhattan doors unveiled a soft, inspiring and welcoming universe. Lounging areas in toned-down colours, honest materials and creative inspirations – all inspired by nature, creating a refined yet new and vibrant Scandinavian expression. 

Together with Steelcase, the world’s biggest office furniture company, we are on a journey to transform office landscapes around the globe into creative, inspiring places to work and the NY showroom was the first setup, showing how design can at once be timelessly modern and inherently functional.

Knowing that today’s workspaces and public environments are shaped by an increasing need of flexibility, connectivity and creativity, we strive to create new spaces supporting interacting, both individual and collective. And the pop-up showroom was designed to do just that; inviting the world’s leading architects, interior stylists and professionals inside a world of inspiration.

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