Small spaces and big ideas

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Small spaces and big ideas

Many people are choosing to live in fewer square metres, which is why multifunctional furniture, practical and enduring aesthetic storage solutions become key words in interior design. Be inspired by our interior design tips for those of you who live small but dream big.




Beautiful sofa and aesthetic bed

In Bolia, our designers aren't just inspired by the Scandinavian aesthetic, but several are also inspired with fusing practicality with aesthetics when they're creating new designs. That's why everyday life and functionality are thought into the product's design - right from the very first brushstroke. An approach and design philosophy that is actualised in the popular sofa bed, which fuses aesthetics, practicality and functionality in one unified design. This makes the sofa bed ideal for a guest room or studio apartment where space is rather tight, but where you don't want to compromise on comfort or aesthetics.

The Scandinavia sofa bed is designed by the Danish design duo, Glismand & Rüdiger, and isn't just any old sofa bed. The appearance is distinctly Scandinavian, while the inside features a fold-out mechanism made of the highest quality. Not only is the mechanism soundless, durable and easy to handle, it also reveals a top quality mattress with a length of 210 cm. The reinforced bed base ensures the same level of comfort as a proper bed. The Scandinavia sofa bed is one of our bestsellers, and its elegant outer and comfortable inner are two excellent reasons why.


The Scandinavia sofa bed doesn't look like a regular sofa bed. The elegant details, the reinforced bed base, the thick mattress, and the almost silent and lightweight fold-out mechanism give the sofa bed enough weight to function as a proper bed, while the timeless silhouette elevates the design to higher levels of elegance.


The Scandinavia sofa bed comes in several sizes and is available in all our fabric and leather variants. It gives you the freedom to create your very own design, so it matches your home in style, colour, personality and expression. The sofa bed is also made from FSC-certified wood and handmade in Europe by highly skilled furniture carpenters. The mattress thickness measures 13 cm, which offers you exceptional comfort and comes in two widths of 143 cm and 163 cm, and it can be turned over and around, significantly prolonging the life of both the mattress and sofa. When you order your sofa bed, our skilled craftsmen will get started on it, and before your sofa leaves the factory it will undergo a comprehensive quality check to ensure high standards of quality and appearance.

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Visit us at your nearest Bolia store and talk to our knowledgeable staff who know everything about the Scandinavia family and the sofa bed. If you have trouble deciding, we'll give you a free fabric sample to take home, so you can see how the colour looks in your home.

    • The Danish design duo

      The Scandinavia sofa bed is designed by the Danish duo, Glismand & Rüdiger, who draw inspiration from the beautiful Scandinavian nature and its materials, while respecting the proud Scandinavian design tradition based on simplicity, elegance, good craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

      “We have a shared passion for Scandinavian design and natural materials. Sustainability is the starting point for all our new designs. Right from the first sketches to the final design, because the most important thing for us is to create beautiful designs that can survive different trends and generations.”

      For Glismand & Rüdiger, Scandinavian design is not a label, but an obligation of their design work. It is something to be interpreted in modern and new ways, and something to be honoured with pride.

    A design aesthetic fusion

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