It’s no secret that we share a great passion for music. In particular electronic music. Music can kind of set the pace, and have us speed up or slow down. And speaking of pace, AVIAJA is definitely getting us up-tempo in her energetic Bolia Sofa Session.


AVIAJA is a Copenhagen based singer and DJ, signed with Adrian Lawler Management in the UK. As a skilled DJ, she is playing at the most upfront clubs in both Denmark and the EU. Her style is a playful and clever mix of electronic, disco, funk, dance, house, deep house, progressive house, tech house and techno.

AVIAJA is known for her high energy and this set is designed for a lively living room. It is a mix with high energy, and you might want to move the party to other rooms than just the living room. It is mixed for you to enjoy.


Astrid Engbjerg

Anders Krøi