Anders Krøi

Music is one of our favorite sources of inspiration. That’s why we produce mixes, play them in our stores, share them with you on Soundcloud and curate Spotify playlist with our favorite tracks. This is also why, we every year invite top-notch DJs to perform live in our Bolia Sofa Sessions. All so you can listen up and fall in love.


Anders Krøi is a Danish DJ, and he might be based in Copenhagen but his sound crosses borders with its international vibe. His true love of music can be experienced through the eclectic selection for his sets. This makes Anders Krøi one of the most interesting DJs to follow at the moment.

House & disco serves as Anders’ main priority, but he can easily give you the greatest love song you ever heard. His set is designed for your living room, and every aspect of it. This eclectic mix evolves just like a day in your home – from a mellow start all the way into a disco-filled and energetic night. All we ask is that you press play and enjoy.



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