Creativity without filter

Creativity without filter

That's why our inspiring collaboration with the Danish artist Oh Land blurs the boundaries between design, music, art and fashion – expressed through our shared Scandinavian mentality and values Together we've both created a Sofa Session that presents Oh Land's personal story; a filmed music video set in New York with Helena Christensen behind the camera. See both videos and read more about the collaboration below.


“I'm happy to feel such a creative driving force behind Bolia. From the designers to the employees, you can clearly feel there is room for all ideas and a short distance from concept to action. It's incredibly important to me as a musician that I can think freely and throw myself into ideas without really knowing how they'll end up. That's why my collaboration with Bolia has been so incredibly rewarding. I've been given free rein to explore their universe and, with their support, have been able to breathe life into some of my ideas. I'm so looking forward to showing the projects that are in the pipeline.” - Oh Land.

Together we've designed furniture, visualised creativity and created music videos, like this Sofa Session – “Human Error” by Oh Land. The video is a one-take recording from a designer apartment in the heart of Copenhagen. No filter, just honest and simple.

What happens when creative personalities from different industries meet to work on a collective project, carried by the shared passion for Scandinavian aesthetics and the sensuous universe? This question was answered one weekend in February 2019, just a little north of New York.

With Helena Christensen behind the camera and Oh Land in front, we were taken on a journey with our own Scandinavian furniture as the alluring and soft backdrop. The result was the art video, Family Tree, which honestly and impressively demonstrates Oh Land's touching closeness and tenderness, elevated by Helena Christensen's visual and aesthetic eye and mind.

Helena Christensen, top model and close friend of Oh Land, made her debut as a director in the video, and succeeded in creating an artistic, honest and unpolished visualisation of Oh Land's personalised story of life's ups and downs. The film is created with simple means and filmed in Helena Christensen's own home in New York.

Anders Krøi

Jakob Urth x Bolia