FSC™-certified furniture

FSC™-certified furniture

In Bolia we believe that honest and natural materials create furniture that lasts. Materials such as FSC-certified wood, where sustainability is included from the beginning. That is why most of our wood is FSC-certified wood, and why our clear ambition is to be 100% FSC-certified by the end of 2019.

By using FSC-certified wood, we help forestry workers achieve good working and safety conditions, as well as ensuring the wood we use is legally and sustainably felled, and every stage of the process is transparent and open right from the start. In addition to using FSC-certified wood, we are also a member of FSC Danmark, which works to spread the knowledge of FSC in Denmark.

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FSC is an international non-profit organisation working towards establishing more sustainable forestry around the world. By being a member of the organisation, we automatically help foresters and their families to better-living conditions, and the wood we use is cut down legally, by skilled craftsmen and every detail in the process Is transparent, honest and sustainable by default.

Besides contributing to a more clean and sustainable industry, designing furniture that is inspired and handmade by nature, is at the very core of our DNA. The end goal is to create furniture that lasts. And that always begins with honest, sustainable materials and imbuing everything after that.

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