Handmade by nature

Handmade by nature

Our designs are all made from natural materials and sustainability is the starting point for every single one of our designs. Our talented designers find their inspiration in the colours of nature, and its lovely and honest materials, and with respect for nature, sustainability is embedded into every part of their creations, giving each design a strong foundation as future heirloom.


Honest materials

Most of the wood we use is FSC certified and complies with EU's timber regulations. This ensures that the wood comes from legal and sustainable forestry, where nature is looked after and the workers in the forests have decent working conditions. All our leathers are produced without the use of synthetic or harmful compounds. They are all traceable, securing the highest quality as well as animal welfare.

And our fabrics are made from sustainable and honest sources. Our wool is both OEKO-TEX-certified and we even use Bergo fabric, which is made from recycled polyester from plastic bottles. We also use Ocean fabric, which is produced solely from excess materials from the oil industry and is manufactured without the use of water in its production, which makes Ocean a beautiful, sustainable choice. The new Ocean fabric is OEKO-TEX certified to ensure the highest possible quality and is so durable and lightfast that it can even be used as an outdoor fabric as well.


Our rugs are labelled with the Care and Fair-mark, securing proper schooling and medical care in production countries. Some of our manufacturers even use solar power to run their production facilities and dyeing water is re-used.

We do all this because we truly believe that the best thing we can do for the world today is to make something long-lasting and pass it down from generation to generation. That’s also why our all our designs come with a 10 year guarantee.

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