Inspired by Scandinavian nature

Inspired by Scandinavian nature

Every design in our collection is made to last. Shaped by hand by some of Europe’s most skilled craftsmen, in nature’s best and most durable materials, with our beautiful Scandinavian seasons as the source of inspiration. Solid wood from Europe, such as oak, walnut and ash. All of this is FSC®-certified, which ensures sustainable forestry where trees are felled carefully and replanted, and where good working conditions are guaranteed.

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All our upholstery fabrics are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which is your guarantee that the textile is produced without harmful chemicals. Tactile, beautiful fabrics with natural fibres of cotton, linen, viscose or wool - or recycled plastic. In some furniture fabrics, we mix natural materials with synthetic fibres to ensure extra high durability and colour fastness. The best of both worlds.

All our leather is 100% traceable, which ensures that we can follow the hide throughout the process and be certain that we only use quality leather from skilled manufacturers that guarantee animal welfare and transparency. Last but not least, all our handmade rugs carry the Care & Fair label, ensuring decent working and living conditions for the weavers and their families.

Metal and stones create a beautiful contrast to warm materials such as wood, leather and textiles. Stainless, lacquered or untreated steel. Beautiful shiny brass. We also work with raw or polished concrete, which creates a fine contrast to the more polished one, and to the elegant natural stone, Italian marble, and rustic travertine, which is a unique patterned limestone in light, warm tones. All durable natural materials that stay beautiful while time leaves its mark.

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As a reference to our Scandinavian roots, we like to add fine, handmade details in natural materials such as cork, hemp or paper wicker to many of our designs. Our fine paper rattan, which can be found on the Cord sideboard, is produced locally in Randers using one of the world’s best grades.

Our job is create quality designs that last for generations. As well as providing durable craftsmanship with replaceable parts, we have our own series of care products that can significantly extend the lifespan of a piece of furniture. We are confident that our designs will last. That’s why we also offer, as something special, a 10-year guarantee on every design in our collection.

Tactile textures

Artisanal woodwork in a beautiful design