La Cabra x Bolia

La Cabra x Bolia

We have teamed up with Danish coffee roasters, La Cabra Coffee, who are brilliant craftsmen taking pride in their skills, they honour traditions and refine and interpret them to evolve and innovate their business and widen their horizons. Much like us, when we design furniture.

La Cabra Coffee – world-class coffee

La Cabra is a modern coffee company based in Aarhus, dedicated to providing an outstanding coffee experience – one cup at a time. Their honest, novel and dedicated approach to top-notch specialty coffee brewing, has given La Cabra a position as an internationally recognised and sought-after coffee roaster.

Drop by the store and enjoy an extraordinary coffee experience. See if you can recognise the rich taste and delicate aroma that commands your sense of smell before you've even taken the first sip.

We use freshly-distilled water with just the right mineral content, to present the coffee at its best. The coffee is visible to allow any fault to be detected. This very special coffee is produced and served using professional equipment – and with lots of love.

Tailor-made specifically for you

Handmade by nature