La Cabra x Bolia

La Cabra x Bolia

In Bolia we value creative like-minded who share our passion for sustainability, craft and the Scandinavian aesthetic and mindset, and we’re always blurring the lines between creativity, fashion, music, art, and now we are also taking our collaborations to new tasty, artisanal heights.

We have teamed up with Danish coffee roasters, La Cabra Coffee, who are brilliant craftsmen taking pride in their skills, they honour traditions and refine and interpret them to evolve and innovate their business and widen their horizons. Much like us, when we design furniture.


As part of our DNA, each Bolia store is designed to treat all your senses from the entrance to the exit – from the delicate room fragrance and cool mixtapes designed by talented DJs to the inspiring and carefully coordinated room settings. And now we have added another sense experience with La Cabra’s organic coffee.

La Cabra is a modern coffee company based in Aarhus, dedicated to providing an outstanding coffee experience – one cup at a time. Their honest, novel and dedicated approach to top-notch specialty coffee brewing, has given La Cabra a position as an internationally recognised and sought-after coffee roaster.


To give you an even better and even more tasteful experience when browsing our concept stores, we have upped our barista game and are now serving freshly brewed La Cabra coffee – because you deserve only the very best.

Bolia Ghent

Anders Midtgaard