This year we're blurring the lines between design, art, fashion and music. Under the umbrella of New Scandinavian Design, we're reinventing the visualisation of our identity and what we're most passionate about. We're raising the bar for individuality even higher and elevating our slogan No One Lives Like You to new creative heights together with the multi-talented Danish artist Oh Land.

We are thrilled and humbled by the numerous inspiring collaborations we've had with creative and passionate souls, and we are proud to be able to unveil our latest work, namely the music video “Family Tree” by the Danish singer, Oh Land. The music video is directed by Denmark's Helena Christensen and recounts yet another adventure where we blur the boundaries between design, art, fashion and music.

“I'm deliriously happy to feel such a creative driving force behind Bolia. From the designers to the employees, you can clearly feel there is room for all ideas and a short distance from concept to action. It's incredibly important to me as a musician that I can think freely and throw myself into ideas without really knowing how they'll end up. That's why my collaboration with Bolia has been so incredibly rewarding.

I've been given free rein to explore their universe and, with their support, have been able to breathe life into some of my ideas. I'm so looking forward to showing the projects that are in the pipeline.” Oh Land.

We design furniture. But we're so much more than a classic design company. At Bolia our hearts beat for music – one of our greatest sources of inspiration. That's why we produce our own exclusive mixtapes, which we play in our stores and share with you on Soundcloud and Spotify. We invite the greatest and coolest DJs to perform live in our Bolia Sofa Sessions, and this year we've been lucky enough to be co-creators of an exclusive Sofa Session with Oh Land, who'll be performing a new song from her upcoming album.

Being an Icon

This year we've launched a new collection called 'The New Icons'. A collection designed with a special focus on natural, authentic and sustainable materials. The new collection is about craftsmanship and longevity. The collection is created as a tribute to individuality, and every design tells its own unique story. Together with Oh Land, we've created a photo series in the crossover between creativity and design, which encapsulates our 2019 design universe with her numerous, multi-talented faces. Give a warm welcome to The New Icons.

“For me, there's no difference between a chair you sit in or a song you listen to on the way to work. They both make up the same soundtrack and pictures for your life.” Oh Land

The new lookbook

Together with the world-renowned fashion photographer, Henrik B├╝low, we have captured our new collection in a completely new, creative and fashionable light. Our new Lookbook is bigger than ever and packed with the finest of new Scandinavian design, crafted details, surprising features and world-class international fashion models in all 276 pages.