Blurring the Lines

We have entered a new chapter. This year we are blurring the lines between design, art, fashion and music. We are re-thinking the way we define New Scandinavian Design and how we visualize our identity and the stuff we feel so passionate about. We are setting the bars for individuality even higher when we take our caption; No One Lives Like You to new, creative standards together with Danish multi talent Oh Land.

Follow us throughout the year on our exciting collaboration with Oh Land and her new album, as well as developing new, creative designs, making intimate sofa sessions, and mutually inspiring each other in the crossover between creativity, design and music.

Just like our new collection, Oh Land is also an icon, and together we've created this photo series, which mixes Bolia's 2019 universe with the many different faces of this multi-talented singer.

Enjoy! And watch this space for many more inspiring experiences in the crossover between creativity and design.

Creativity takes courages

“Everyone is creative. It’s not a choice. We’re just creative in different ways…”

Creativity takes honesty

“To me there’s no real difference between a chair you sit in or a song you listen to on your way to work. It’s all the soundtrack and the scenery of your life…”

Colours speak louder than words. So, stop reading and start looking.