Curated Collections

Twisted Concrete Bench is Designed for indoor and outdoor spaces and features a ‘Twist' that creates the structure from one side, guides the form, and provides smooth seating for up to three, forming it into Fluid Furniture piece, expressing a sense of movement and softer lines.

The concrete is sanded 3 times after the removal of the mould, and cured for 7 days, this helps to harden and bond with internal materials and to reinforce the structure.


13Rosas is a system of equipment for social areas. The design process explores the functional aspects and interactions in this context and offers a light, flexible and aesthetic solution.

A piece of furniture aimed to meet, share and socialize with. With a Nordic aesthetic, it is based on subtle nuances of blues and greys that contrast with the intensity of orange. The global approach wants to be timeless both in form and in the colour palette in order to be subtly integrated into any open space.

Wooden planes are used on these light structures in order to create seating and working surfaces. On the other hand, cushions made of textile and foam can be easily combined in order to compose the rest area according to the different needs.