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The competition runs from 1 December until 24 December 2023.

To enter the Bolia competition, submit your name, nearest store and sign up to our newsletter. If you cancel your newsletter subscription during the course of the competition, you will no longer be entered in the competition.


Who can participate?

Everyone, of course. Your best friend, your mum, your neighbour. However, you can only enter once per email address.
You can register every day by changing your wish.

Bolia employees or members of their household may not participate in the competition.



1 x Zyl Pouf, optional (Value from: 250 EUR)

1 x Rheolog Carafe, optional (Value from: 107 EUR)

1 x Elope Mirror, optional (Value from: 691 EUR)

4 x Kite Dining Chair, material of choice (Value from: 2.116 EUR)

2 x Forma Plate, Ø26 cm x 4 (Value from: 176 EUR)

2 x Soft Collection Bed Linen, optional (Value from: 320 EUR)

1 x Falka Shelf, 80 x 14 cm, material of choice (Value from: 479 EUR)

1 x Torch Vase, optional (Value from: 228 EUR)

1 x Bowie Armchair, optional (Value from: 2.529 EUR)

1 x Vala Desk, optional (Value from: 1.107 EUR)

3 x Falda Candleholder (H9 cm, H12 cm, H18 cm), colour of choice (Value from: 62 EUR)

1 x Carved Cutlery - unit of 16 pcs. (Value from: 255 EUR)

1 x Soft Collection Throw, 130 x 170 cm, colour of choice (Value from: 161 EUR)

1 x Latch Coffee Table – Single, material of choice (Value from: 1.188 EUR)

1 x Flor Bench, optional (Value from: 1.151 EUR)

1 x Soft Collection Throw – grooved, 130 x 170 cm, colour of choice (Value from: 161 EUR)

1 x Aluna Table Lamp, optional (Value from: 430 EUR)

1 x Funo Rug, colour of choice (Value from: 1.061 EUR)

1 x Case Display Shelf – 3 shelves, material of choice (Value from: 437 EUR)

1 x Graceful Dining Table, 200 cm x 95 cm, material of choice (Value from: 3.396 EUR)

1 x Cana highboard – Low, material of choice (Value from: 1.857 EUR)

1 x Acorn Pendant, optional (Value from: 406 EUR)

1 x Berlin Bench, optional (Value from: 565 EUR)

1 x Noora 2 modules 290 x 127 cm, material of choice (Value from: 5.388)


The prizes are from Bolia's own collection and may not be exchanged for other prizes or cash.


Your security

Don't worry, your email is in safe hands with us. You can read more about your rights and how we process your personal data in our privacy policy.

Bolia will pay any tax on prize winnings, as well as all shipping costs associated with your prize. In case of doubt or disagreement about the competition terms, Bolia International A/S will determine the interpretation.


The winners

The winners will be drawn and all winners will be announced by name and country on our website and on our Instagram. The winner will be contacted by email, provided the correct email is given at the time of participating. Then you've got 30 days to claim your prize. You can choose delivery to your home or collection at your nearest Bolia store, it's entirely up to you. Please note that we only send prizes within Europe. If you live outside Europe, your prize can be collected from any Bolia store.

We will deliver your prize as soon as possible,but within 30 days.

By participating in a competition with Bolia International A/S, the participant accepts the above competition rules.

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