We collaborate with brands and companies all over the world. Browse through an inspiring introduction to a variety of spaces creatively decorated with our designs – from hotel lobbies, to creative workspaces, to restaurants and showrooms.


For us, everything starts with a curious mind. We believe extraordinary things occur in the intersection of innovation and tradition, which is why we’ve recreated our entire design universe inside the stunning St. Petri Church in Lübeck, Germany, as part of an art project by Christian Jankowski. With ‘Heilige Geschäfte’, Jankowski pays tribute to Lübeck’s history of trade and religion, by inviting brands from different areas of expertise to open a pop-up shop inside the beautiful churches around the city.

Photography: Felix König & Fred Dott

A beautiful apartment staging in the heart of vibrant Berlin. Fantastic Frank Real Estate has an inspiring sense of aesthetics, decorating their listings with simple, timeless design that allows the details and character of the space to take centre stage. Featured in this interior styling are the Cosima sofa, Latch coffee- and dining table, Merge chairs, Flor bench, Bowie armchair, as well as the Torch and Hour vases.

Photography: Kozy Studio Berlin
Art: Amanda Pastwa

Our creative friends at Koto Design are known for their geometric modular homes, and they recently finished this stunning creation in Uist, Scotland. It is the first 'Koto House' in a series of sculptural, modular, minimalist homes, architecturally designed with nature as the biggest source of inspiration.

The interiors of the house have been designed by Koto Living Studio with a focus on natural materials and texture, creating a connection between the house and the vivid nature outside. Echoing our proud Scandinavian design heritage, the Koto House interior beautifully represents our shared passion for nature, sustainability, and longevity. We look forward to following the inspiring Koto House journey.

Photography: Olco Studios
Construction: Unnos Systems


Restaurant Amarone, Rotterdam

In the bustling high street of Rotterdam, De Meent, you find Restaurant Amarone. Awarded its first Michelin star in 2007, Amarone creates top quality dining experiences with inspiration from French and Japanese gastronomy. And blending in seamlessly with that exact theme, is their choice of dining chairs – Kimono, designed by Pascal Bosetti.

Welcome to Villa El Águila. A beautiful interior project on the highest point of Monte Halcones with a captivating view of Marbella. Here, Jaka Design has included Bolia designs in every room, creating an inviting atmosphere that elegantly echoes our Scandinavian design heritage. With natural materials, a calm colour palette, and great craftsmanship.

Prat Space is located in the heart of Tel Aviv in Israel.  An exclusive apartment created by Prat Living, which sells Bolia designs in their beautiful concept stores. Prat Space is located in an eye-catching building, which is designed in the iconic Bauhaus style, where the tranquil design universe is presented with organic curves and a sense of nostalgia. The apartment serves as a special type of display, where visitors can enjoy an inspiring and authentic interior experience.

Interior design – Dori Redlich
Photography – Gidon Levin

In a light apartment with creative details and playful motifs, French Studio Beaupassage has designed a beautiful interior that is brimming with personality. Using a unique combination of shapes, figures and colours, the apartment has been given a Scandinavian touch and a homely, yet timeless feel. Among the furnishings, you’ll find our Lomi sofa, Balloon pendant , TUK coffee table and Bullet armchair.

Kitchen & Bar Van Rijn

At Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam, you'll find Kitchen & Bar Van Rijn – a vibrant, diverse and exclusive meeting place where authentic Dutch dishes are prepared in the restaurant’s open kitchen. Inspired by the artist Rembrandt Van Rijn, you'll discover a cosmopolitan atmosphere where art and culture are fused with modern design. This is showcased, for example, in the form of our playful, semi-transparent Balloon lamps, which are decoratively suspended from the restaurant's ceilings as beautiful installations.

We love seeing our designs take center stage in beautiful interior design projects. Located on the northern coastline of France, architect Mélanie Pelletier has created this warmly inviting home – combining traditional Scandinavian craftmanship with luxurious lounge seating, a soft colour scheme and natural materials, to create an open and uncomplicated space.

CASA DECOR is Spain’s largest design event, held annually as a curated exhibition of the latest trends, ideas and directions in design, art and architecture. In 2021, the exhibition was held in the most beautiful setting, in the historic building Casa de Tomás Allende, and Bolia participated as part of The Danish Room. A fabulous room with bay windows and a beautifully decorated dome ceiling. Designed by renowned Spanish interior designer Erico Navaso, with a focus on the concepts of sustainability and 'liveability', and of course the classic Danish design tradition.

At Bolia, we love creating beautiful surroundings, designed to inspire personal development and to explore creativity and new ideas. We believe that a flexible workspace that allows room for new perspectives and for all of us to work as a team as we challenge the ordinary, makes us better, happier and more sustainable.

That’s why we’ve redesigned our headquarters in Aarhus, and thanks to the addition of new premises, we now have even more space for our creative ideas. We are based at 11 and 13 Værkmestergade in two beautiful historic buildings, which in the 1800s were home to DSB’s central workshop. The decor preserves elements from the workshops’ architecture, now beautifully offset by Scandinavian design in calm earth tones, where both the eye and mind can find peace to work.

Hpix’ focus is on contemporary European design and craftmanship and we’re proud to have our designs featured in Hpix’ showroom in vibrant and beautiful Seoul.

Beautifully located in the heart of Copenhagen just next door to the Royal Castle, Amalienborg, you’ll find this stunning old luxury flat swept in our designs. Each room tells a different story through colour-scale, interior and look.

KANE - Romanian cuisine in Bucharest

Kane is an illustration, in various forms, of what contemporary Romanian creativity stands for. The restaurant combines local design with timeless Scandinavian aesthetics to give customers a beautiful experience.

Wicked Grounds is a creative, contemporary and inspirational venue housing different events, meetings and gatherings distinguishing itself from other locations with its focus on individuality, atmosphere and design.

Hotel Royal, Aarhus

Located in the heart of our hometown Aarhus you will find a hotel suite so beautifully wrapped in some of our designs, that it will make you want to stay forever. With Cloud sofas and Tab table the exclusive suite at Hotel Royal has been transformed into a luxurious home away from home.

Creative Vally Nest is a cool city hotel placed in the heart of vibrant Utrecht. To make visitors feel like home, rooms have been decorated with our furniture designs in a creative and welcoming way.