Warm sanctuary

The magical feeling of winter when the first snow falls and you gaze up into the sky, overwhelmed by nature’s ability to turn water into tiny drops of ice. A cool and clean landscape covered in snow and surrounding you with freezing air, creating a magical moment as you step inside from the cold and feel the warm pleasure of being at home. 

A universe of elegant grey and fresh blue tones with references to ice and snow, expressed with natural references to the Scandinavian winter. The mood invites reflection and mindfulness, with materials that are soft and tactile such as hand-woven wool fabrics, soft lambskin, clear crystal glass, handmade ceramic and soft velvet.  

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We wish to inspire you to create your own silent retreat, your creative space and beautiful surrounding. All by sharing our interior know-how, our passion for New Scandinavian Design and our love for sustainable choices. Stop by one of our stores for further guidance, inspiration and to see and feel the many fabrics, leathers, marbles, wood types and much more. We invite you to explore, and we’re ready to help you any which way we can.

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