Bolia x Sofa Sessions

As music lovers and creators, we're always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to express ourselves and liberate our creativity. That is why we are inviting renowned DJs to take us on their musical journey in our exclusive Bolia Sofa Sessions and share every mixtape and every beat with you on, Spotify and SoundCloud.

In 2007, Julia Gautier created one of the first booking agencies for musical artists dedicated to events. A few years later, she found herself behind the decks and has since then collaborated with prestigious brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Dior, and Versace – and being based in beautiful Paris, Julia has performed several live Sofa Sessions at our Grand Opening events throughout France and Luxembourg. Immerse yourself in her musical universe and explore the captivating vibes of her enchanting sound.

In this mix Josephine Abeba mixes calm eclectic soul tracks with groovy house beats and immerses you in an experience that develops throughout her set. The mix sets the mood for an intimate and vibrant vibe, where you can let go and just groove along to the carefully selected tracks. 

We have joined forces with Pioneer DJ, the world's leading brand for professional DJ equipment, to create an exclusive furniture collection that blurs the lines between the vibrant club scene and the soothing ambiance of home.

Discover the collaboration here

PLOY is a Copenhagen-based DJ who is part of the Future Female Sounds collective. She started her journey in Manchester, UK, where she played at parties and exclusive events. Immerse yourself in her dreamy universe, where the tones range from house brimming with Detroit vibes, deep grooves, disco, funk and garage.
Every track has been specially selected with the aim of creating feelings of intimacy and warmth, so you can just sit back and enjoy the exclusive mixtape.

DJ Walther has music in his blood and follows in his legendary father Kenneth Bager’s footsteps in both the calm, Balearic tones and the more uptempo club sounds. Walther also has hidden talent as a producer, who is signed to 'Music for Dreams’ and has had his music played on BBC Radio 1.
Set the scene for a memorable evening with this mix that takes you into a dreamy lounge atmosphere with a fresh burst of festive beats.

Shaquille’s greatest musical inspiration comes from his parents, who fled South Africa in the late 1970s during apartheid. He grew up listening to their record collection of soul, funk, R&B, jazz, disco and hip hop. These genres have since shaped Shaquille’s versatile sound, which characterises his own diverse music style.
Experience Shaquille’s upbeat Sofa Session and let it become a soundtrack for those late, festive evenings in the best company.

Immerse yourself in meditative tones and take a relaxing break from the hectic world around you. In collaboration with ambient composer Anders Rhedin, we have created a Mindful Sound Bath Session, which exudes deep tones and light, soothing sounds. A guided meditation that takes you into a world of calm where you can seek refuge from chaos of everyday life. 

Christopher Flip is a Danish DJ and art photographer who has travelled the world for the past 20 years playing major DJ jobs and at fashion shows. His love of delving into music libraries to discover unique or unknown sounds evolved into an eclectic DJ career where no weekends have looked the same for the past two decades. Whether he plays for 25,000 people in Denmark’s national arena, or produces music for China’s biggest fashion show, Flip is known for his signature sound of warm, colourful and rhythmic tones.

DJ Flip’s Sofa Session is a roughly hour-long collection of carefully curated tracks he would love to listen to on a hot summer’s day. Music that's perfect for a bike ride, a day at the beach or a festive evening, with a mix of new, old school, slow, Balearic and a beautiful melodic sound.

You can find our playlist on Spotify. A special combination of all our favourite tracks that will set the mood for hours on end – in fact the same one you'll experience when you visit your local store.

From time to time, our great DJ friends create a mixtape especially for us, and we’re allowed to share it with you on SoundCloud. Set the mood with these crisp beats – they'll offer you both calm and more up-beat tracks, mixed together in beautiful harmony.

The New Collection
Bolia & Pioneer DJ