Terms and conditions


  1. Purchase & payment


1.1. Payment Options

We accept most major credit cards so you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as well as Paynow or direct bank transfer. We have decided to go with “cashless” transactions.

All prices are stated incl. GST in Singapore Dollars.


1.2. Payment Terms

All sales are subject to full payment upon placing of orders. This includes products not in stock and customisable products.


  1. Delivery & pickup


2.1. Delivery of your new furniture

For all products that are not in stock, we aim to have them produced, shipped and ready for pickup or delivered to you within 12-16 weeks. Our sales team will advise you of the estimated lead time for your specific products upon ordering.

Prior to the arrival of your order, you will be contacted to schedule the delivery to your convenience but subject to available delivery slots.

Before the expected delivery time, which appears on your order confirmation, you should ensure that your new furniture can pass elevators, doorways, stairwells, etc. All measurements are listed on Bolia.com, as well as on your order confirmation. If a piece of furniture cannot enter, you can choose to sign for delivery on site, or ask the delivery personnels to take the furniture back. If the furniture is returned, it is considered cancellation of the purchase. You will have to pay for delivery and a fee of up to 50% of the price of the item. Please note that for safety reasons, the carrier is not allowed to take off his shoes during delivery.

Therefore, we recommend you cover floors with a surface that should get dirty.

There will always be 2 men to deliver orders over 30 kg. Upon delivery, they will carry your new furniture into the desired room in your home subject to access. Please note that if the carriers must drive in vain with the delivery, the furniture will be taken back to the Bolia appointed warehouse. For add-on services such as carry-up and disposal, charges apply.

From here you can arrange for a new delivery. The payment for the unsuccessful delivery is non-refundable.

Please be informed that there is no specific timing for delivery. We are unable to provide the contact details of our delivery personnel.  Therefore, it is recommended to provide your mobile number so that we can send you an SMS and call you before delivery. If you have provided your mobile number, you will receive an SMS from us a day before your furniture is ready for delivery, and on the day of delivery, the carrier will call or write to you approx. half an hour before arrival at the address.


2.3. Receiving your furniture

When you receive your new furniture, it is important that you check that it is the right furniture that you have been delivered, and check for visible damage to the packaging or furniture. If everything is as expected, you must acknowledge receipt. If the packaging is damaged or bears other visible signs of defect, you can either acknowledge on the note or refrain from receiving the furniture and ask the carrier to take it back again.

If a design turns out to be damaged or defective after unpacking, you can read more about how this should be handled under the heading "We provide a 10-year warranty".

Some Bolia sofas have a transport fabric mounted at the bottom of the sofa, and this fabric is solely to protect the sofa from dust during transport. The thin fabric can easily break, which is completely unimportant, and it has no practical function. This will not damage the sofa and is therefore not considered a complaint.


  1. Return/cancellation of order


3.1. At Bolia you have the opportunity to return your goods.

When you buy standard items in our physical stores – e.g., lamps and other accessories – we provide no exchange after the product is taken out of our store.

Order cancellation – furniture made of your choice.

If you wish to cancel or change your order, which is manufactured according to your choice of colors and materials, etc., the following applies:

Up to 3 days after your order, you can cancel or change your order at no cost. It takes 3 days from ordering until we start production.

Cancellations and returns are unfortunately not allowed after the 3 days of placing your order as all products are specifically made to your design.


  1. Complaints


4.1. Product Complaints

If you have been unlucky enough to get a defective item, please fill out our complaint form and send it to salessupport@designcollection.dk within 7 days upon receiving of your item.

Once we have received your complaint, we will process it as soon as possible.

Based on your pictures, we will assess whether the complaint is based on a production or material defect, or whether it may be due to normal wear and tear.

If we consider that the complaint is justified, we will typically be able to remedy the defect by delivery of replacement parts, repair or replacement.

If the warranty on the product has expired, or if you have accidentally damaged your Bolia furniture yourself, you are of course also welcome to contact Customer Care, and we will try to remedy the problem at the lowest possible cost for you.

A piece of transport fabric is mounted at the bottom of some Bolia sofas. This substance is intended solely to protect the sofa from dust during transportation. The fabric can break easily but this does not compromise the integrity of our furniture hence this will not be considered a product defect.


  1. Warranty & Service


5.1. Bolia’s price guarantee

At Bolia, we have price guarantee. This means that if you have ordered a Bolia design and, contrary to expectations, find an identical product with us at a promotional price within 30 days of purchasing your item, please contact us at salessupport@designcollection.dk  You will then receive in-store credit for the difference.

- Price guarantee is only valid in the country where the item was purchased.

- The price guarantee does not include Bolia's outlet items, or discounted display models in stores 

- The price guarantee is valid for 30 days after you have ordered your item

- To claim the price security, please contact us in Sales Support during the period when your ordered item is at promotional price

- When you contact us, you must enclose documentation in the form of invoice / receipt or order number for your ordered item

- The difference between the purchase price and any promotional price will be refunded via in-store credit which is valid for one year


5.2. We provide a 10-year warranty

At Bolia, we know that good materials combined with genuine craftsmanship result in quality and durable furniture. That is why we always give a 10-year warranty on all our designs. Everything we do, we do properly, so our warranty applies to our entire collection and covers from the time you receive your design. The warranty covers any malfunctions, materials and manufacturing defects in the designs you purchase from Bolia for private use.

If you have purchased designs that have been used as display furniture in one of our stores, the warranty also applies. This means that the product was sold to you in “as-is” conditions.

If you need to submit a complaint, contact Sales Support at salessupport@designcollection.dk. To reduce the complaint processing time, you must include your order number, pictures of the possible function, material – or manufacturing defects along with a brief description thereof. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you.

If we decide that the display item is covered by the warranty due to a damage / defect, we first and foremost offer in-store credits that match the damage / defect. We can also offer handyman/spare parts, if the cost of this can be justified financially. If this is not desired, the item can be returned to our warehouse at no extra cost. As display items are unique, we generally do not have the opportunity to offer a replacement item. You can read more about our 10-year warranty here.


5.3. Design furniture for private use

All Bolia furniture is designed and produced for private use and complies with all legislation towards private consumers. Thus, the normal product warranty does not apply to commercial use.