Bolia x 3daysofdesign

Everything we do, starts with a curious mind. We love building new creative collaborations, because we believe that our world becomes an even better and more inspiring place to live in when we share our creativity. So, every year we take part in the inspiring design festival 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen.


    • 3daysofdesign 2024

      A sneak peek of the new design icons of our upcoming AW24 collection in creative interaction with limited-time exhibitions that celebrate creativity in creating inspiring spaces - all under the theme "The spaces we create are who we are".



    With our flagship store and professional showroom at Holmen, Copenhagen, we have the perfect space to set the scene for creativity to unfold. In the stunning premises of ‘Kuglegården’, we’ve brought our Scandinavian design heritage to the absolute forefront – showcasing our collection for homes, outdoor- and professional spaces.

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    • Sneak peek: The New Collection

      Explore new design icons created by some of the most talented designers from around the world. From brave new talents to world renowned design studios – all with a shared passion for sustainable ideas and New Scandinavian Design. Find timeless interior for your home, outdoor- and professional spaces - crafted from the finest and most durable materials, and designed to create beautiful, luxurious, and creative spaces.

    • Sustainability: Turning words into action

      At Bolia, our ambition is to make healthier, smarter, and greener choices and to inspire consumers to buy less but better. We are not perfect, and we will surely make mistakes along the way, but we are honest, openminded, and positive. Explore how we are working towards a smaller environmental footprint and a more responsible business through five actions that really make a difference.

    • New fabric collection: Designed by you

      We are introducing no less than seven new fabrics in a selection of stunning new colours and textures, as well as new colours to our existing fabrics. Creating even more inspiring options when customising every sofa and armchair in our collection. Explore the creative fabric installation, where you can feel the beautiful tactility of our carefully sourced, durable fabrics.

    • New traceable leathers: BOLIA x SPOOR

      As a part of our sustainability strategy, we have also joined forces with the Danish company, SPOOR, and are introducing three new luxurious and traceable leathers, in a variety of elegant colours – Sydney, Juno, and Quattro. All sourced exclusively from Denmark and Sweden and traceable all the way from farm to design.


    Talk: Blast Studio

    “Dreaming of a city built from the waste it produces”

    Blast Studio is a sustainability-focused and award-winning design and maker studio based in London, who collects discarded coffee cups in West London’s cafés and transform them locally into statement objects and furniture pieces.

    "We started Blast Studio in 2018 with the aim to explore how nature and technology can be put in dialogue in order to transform cities’ discarded material into artefact and architecture. In nature nothing goes to waste, the scraps of an organism become the resource of another one. This circularity is at the heart of our work: cities’ waste is our resource to create the interiors of tomorrow."

    Talk: Jill Hawkins

    “The future of health, wellbeing & beauty”

    Jill Hawkins is a globally experienced trends and insight consultant specialising in health, wellbeing, and creativity. A dynamic source of joy, she will energise, inspire, and encourage you to view the future from new perspectives — and to feel excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

    “I find it interesting to explore what stimulates creativity and how to nurture your environments, mindset and lifestyle to enhance it or 'boost' your creative energy and imagination – these are all important factors of health and longevity as to me, creativity and wellbeing are very connected.”

    Based on a shared passion for atmospheric, electronic sounds, great craftsmanship and creativity, we’ve joined forces with Pioneer DJ, the world’s leading brand for professional DJ equipment, to create an exclusive furniture collection, Cord DJ, that blurs the lines between the vibrant club scene and the soothing ambiance of home. During 3daysofdesign, DJ’s Emilie Lilja and Ploy take the stage with their signature sounds and fill the room with new energy and electro house tunes.

    Start off your busy day of exploring the vibrant Copenhagen design scene with freshly brewed gourmet coffee in our pop-up coffee shop. Built exclusively for 3daysofdesign in collaboration with the meticulous coffeemakers of La Cabra, the experience is brought to life by our shared focus on honest materials and respect for great craftsmanship. Perhaps mixed with a spoonful of nerdiness.


    Bolia Professional

    Our flagship store on Holmen is more than just your average Bolia design universe. Because here you can also explore our curated collection for the professional market, a collection that offers you quality design with all the relevant certifications and functionalities, while at the same time radiating the beautiful and simple aesthetics that Scandinavian design culture is known and loved for.


    Back in 2023, we explored the intersection between art, design and gastronomy in collaboration with the multi-artist Frederikke Legaard, who created an incredible work of art with our Cosima sofa in an ensemble of the most breathtaking food installations. Every detail was carefully handcrafted and made a big impression on everyone who passed by.




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