And welcome to our little corner of the world, offering you beautiful Scandinavian design with a sustainable and creative outset. All crafted, tailored and perfected by hand and turned into beautiful design not indulging in passing vouges but serving the ageless, the classic and the everlasting.

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We believe that good design is not only about what you see but also about how it is created and the emotions it stirs.  

All our furniture and accessories are designed by talented designers from all over the world, each interpreting Scandinavian design in classic, new and inspiring silhouettes. And just like us, they all share a common passion for natural materials, sustainable solutions and beautiful, timeless design.

Every year, we honour the best talents in our industry at the Bolia Design Awards. A magnificent tradition, established more than 15 years ago, which not only supports and opens exciting doors for brave designers, but also helps us see things in a new light and find new ways to create changes for the better.

The sound of summer

With a set-up inspired by the changing seasons, we have invited some talented DJs to host their own Sofa Session. Explore a world of evocative electronic music and discover DJ Flip’s musical interpretation of summer’s unique vibe.

Every store is built with respect for the surroundings and as a tribute to the local area. Architectural details and history are carefully preserved throughout the process, giving the store a unique character that creates the perfect setting for our design universe.

Take a look at some of our stores, their unique locations and the stories they have to tell.

Our store universe

We have teamed up with exclusive dealers all around the world, who showcase and sell selected Bolia designs in their showrooms. We have more than 500 dedicated dealers in more than 50 countries around the world, from Iceland to Singapore, but no matter in which country you find them, they all work with a carefully curated design collection and with a heartfelt passion for New Scandinavian Design.

Our stores are designed with mindful retail and beautiful experiences in mind. Dressed up as inviting homes with designs from our collection, with respect for the locality and architecture of the surroundings. We love moving into unique buildings with character, in everything from a 14th century church, to gorgeous Art Deco houses, to an old railway workshop. Visit us in one of the more than 50 European cities we currently reside in.

Our collection is inspired by nature’s tactility and materials. Solid, FSC®-certified oak, ash and walnut, Italian marble and natural stone, ceramics, stainless steel and hand-woven paper string. Upholstered in leather that is 100% traceable and certified with the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® and comfortable furniture fabrics such as natural linen, soft bouclé, wool and velour – all certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Every design in our collection is made to last and made by hand by some of Europe’s most skilled manufacturers. We are proud that all our manufacturers follow the BSCI code of conduct and that all designs meet European and global standards for strength, durability, stability and safety. Many designs are also tested in collaboration with Bureau Veritas in Germany, which is the world’s leading quality certification.

Our job is to design and create products of such high quality that they last for generations. Quality, packaging, care products, replaceable parts and recycling of the finished product are all things we consider in the design development – combined with timeless aesthetics that are not swayed by trends and tendencies. That’s why, as a special feature, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all designs in our collection.

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Our Lookbook is a tribute to our talented designers and everything we love: beautiful spaces, natural materials, longevity, creativity, inspiration and community. Naturally, the 248 inspiring pages are printed on FSC®-certified paper.

From good to better

When a new collection is created from idea to sketch to finished design, a sustainable mindset is applied throughout the entire process. Timeless design that surpasses trends and generations, materials that are natural and durable, and components that can be replaced continuously for a longer lifetime. Designs that are tested and certified such as traceable leather, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified upholstery fabrics and FSC®-certified wood. And together with MÅLBAR, we can also map the climate footprint of our designs throughout their entire life cycle.

Common to all our sofa designs is that they are designed by some of the world’s most talented designers and handcrafted in Europe from natural and durable materials. Whether you are searching for a classic 3-seater, a minimalist modular sofa or an elegant daybed – we customise the design to meet all your needs.

Our sofas are tailor-made from only the best materials with timeless and durable quality – and a 10-year warranty. All the wood is FSC®-certified, our leather variants are 100% traceable and all our furniture fabrics are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. The only thing you need to worry about is choosing your favorite design from our collection.

    • Bolia Professional

      Our new professional collection is designed for new inspiring ways of working, new ways of decorating and new ways of being together. Tested to the highest international standards, the collection is the ideal choice for the workplace, designer restaurant, luxury hotel, home office and everywhere in between.

    We believe that a beautiful, flexible and inclusive workspace makes room for new ideas to grow and blossom, and makes us all stronger and happier day by day. Our working lives are changing and creating new needs for flexibility and multifunctional designs. Discover our Work from Home Collection, beautifully presented in our own Bolia Headquarters – Aarhus, Denmark – designed to inspire personal development and to explore creativity.

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    Passionate, inspiring, fun and eccentric – all with a shared love for creativity and Scandinavian design. Right now, you can meet some of the personalities who make up our company in the Bolia Portraits series.  You can also take a look inside our international head office, where we explore new ways of working and thinking about office life on a daily basis.

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    New collection launch in August

    Eighteen months ago, we briefed our talented collective of designers on the wishes for our upcoming collection, driven by a shared passion for natural materials, sustainable solutions and New Scandinavian Design. Right now, designers, manufacturers and craftsmen are working hard to get everything ready for you.