Creating Inspiring Spaces

Our goal is to help you create their own silent retreat, creative space and beautiful surrounding.  All by sharing our interior know-how, our passion for New Scandinavian Design and our love for sustainable choices.

To guide you on the way we have created 9 inspiring mood based on the materials, colours, designs and natural expressions we love so much.

We wish to guide you through our tailor-made universe of Scandinavian Design, so you can touch, feel and shape the living or working space of your dreams. And that’s why we have created different moods exploring the Scandinavian colour palette and motifs. You can explore all moods right here, or visit us in your nearest store and discover, explore and experience our moods and universe catering for all your senses and needs.

All we want is for you to feel at home and inspired to create your own personal hideaway.

Seeking silence

With its elegant simplicity, Seeking silence is characterised by light earthy tones, transparency and a beautiful natural quality. A mood that invites you to enjoy tranquillity and contemplation. The materials exude lightness and Scandinavian purity, but feature small nuanced contrasts and materials that add simplicity and authenticity to the appearance. Based on natural materials like wood, soft, natural wool and bouclé fabrics with a soft and inviting structure, this design universe is understated yet luxurious, and is designed to create a light and serene oasis.

Warm sanctuary

In Warm sanctuary we've been playing with Scandinavia's seasons and the stunning sunrises and sunsets. That's why the mood is based on the darker and more dynamic autumn season, beautifully combined with light, natural materials and handmade details in the wood craftsmanship.

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Continental elegance

Based on wood craftsmanship, a natural colour palette and the capriciousness of the changing seasons, Continental elegance combines lightness and elegance with a deeper and heavier universe. A mood that explores contrasts and materials by drawing inspiration from nature's warm tones; combining soft, natural surfaces like traceable leather and soft velour with solid wood and fine, light surfaces such as porcelain and crystal glass. A mood designed to bring nature's tranquillity inside the home, lobby, restaurant and any other space.

Quiet breeze

The mood, Quiet breeze, is inspired by the beautiful Scandinavian landscape and especially the beauty of the sea as it sweeps along the almost endless stretches of coastline. The universe is rooted in a slightly cooler and bluish colour scale, with the expression influenced by sand, water, the beach and the sea. The mood invites reflection and recharging – precisely the same feeling as when you're on the beach, when beautiful, wild waves are crashing onto the beach in a fresh sea breeze. Based on natural wool fabrics, crystal glass and soft corduroy, you can create your own natural refuge, even if you're miles away from the sea.

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Natural tranquillity

Natural tranquillity invites nature's colours and shapes inside, offering a natural oasis that allows you to rediscover and recreate the tranquillity of nature inside. The materials are playful, offering fabrics in corduroy, sustainable options and exclusive bouclé fabrics. The mood is formed by natural materials such as solid wood, durable porcelain and vibrant marble. All showcased in a beautiful replication to invite the tranquillity of Scandinavian nature inside.

Calming light

Calming light explores a soothing mood that combines light tones with darker and warmer types of wood. The mood is inspired by the Scandinavian nature and the capriciousness of the seasons, and Calming light is designed to enable you to slow down and seek tranquillity in a luxurious and beautiful backdrop. The mood is composed of calm, light colours and upholstery fabrics like wool and sustainable polyester. A mood with a hint of inspiration taken from the hazy summer heat and small flashes of light glinting on the horizon.

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Liberated creativity

Liberated creativity expresses a more adventurous and playful mood. A dynamic and creative design universe where splashes of colour, bold material combinations and colourful compositions form the framework. Featuring surfaces such as exclusive velour, soft corduroy and natural leather combined with elegant materials such as high gloss steel and solid wood, the mood is both stylish and creative at the same time.

Mindful serenity

Inspired by nature and the four seasons, Mindful serenity highlights the nature outside and is designed to harmoniously incorporate the colours of the sea, sand and forest floor into the home or onto the patio. Soft surfaces and inviting design language take centre stage, with comfort, aesthetics and function effortlessly interwoven in beautiful, timeless designs.

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Dimmed decadence

The curated mood Dimmed decadence is inspired by the atmosphere you encounter in large hotel lobbies, where velvety, heavy curtains create an utterly unique atmosphere.

Can we help you?

We wish to inspire you to create your own silent retreat, your creative space and beautiful surrounding.  All by sharing our interior know-how, our passion for New Scandinavian Design and our love for sustainable choices. Stop by one of our stores for further guidance, inspiration and to see and feel the many fabrics, leathers, marbles, wood types and much more. We invite you to explore, and we’re ready to help you any which way we can.

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