Creating an inspiring room

Home. Our quiet retreat and soul room. Not just a place that gives us shelter – but a setting for love and friendship, family time and togetherness. A fluid space designed for dinners, entertainment, fitness and spa treatments, cosy reading time, gardening and secret hobbies. A place where meditative rituals can unfold and where learning, work and creative projects can flourish.  
A home where we can breathe, grow, thrive and love. 

Discover the inspiration

As you explore your local store, you’ll come across our creative space known as The Design Atelier. It is designed for inspiration, individuality and fun, and is the heart of every Bolia store. Immerse yourself in furniture fabrics, leather types, material samples, lookbooks, colours, photos and inspiration and let yourself be seduced by our curated mood boards.  

Visit us or book an appointment with a design consultant before your visit if you need help finding the style and design that’s right for you. And if you already have an idea of what you want to do, you are welcome to send us your inspiration and thoughts in advance. We can then prepare for your visit, where together we can explore the ideas and let them germinate and grow. 

If you need some time to think about the options, we'll give you a personal quote containing all the information about your dream designs and your favourite fabric samples. And it’s entirely up to you whether you want to complete your purchase from home on, or visit us in the store again. You are always welcome. 



Eight curated moods

With new Scandinavian design as the focal point, tactile material samples and the season's changing colours were carefully curated in our mood boards for inspiration. Explore the enchanting visual universe and let us guide you through the beautiful moods that underpin everything we do, and which have been created to inspire you and your interior design.

A fresh, minimalistic expression with crisp green, beige and light grey colours, radiating
an understated luxury alongside rich bouclé, marble and white oiled oak.

Inspired by the misty sky, the wind and the blooming greenery, textiles are soft, tactile and inviting, such as linen and slightly see-through fabrics, creating an invigorating and dreamlike feeling.

A warm, light atmosphere with reference to the calming colours of the seaside with beige and earth toned notes. The look is airy, playful and bright, supported by soft and soothing fabrics such as linen, bouclé and wool in beautiful tactility.

Solid, oiled wood and other natural materials such as hemp and paper braid define a clear reference to the Scandinavian nature and craftsmanship.

An elegant simplicity characterised by light earthy beige tones, transparency and a beautiful, natural quality. The materials exude lightness and feature soft nuances and contrasts and materials that add simplicity and tactility.

Based on natural materials like white oiled wood, Italian white marble, natural wool and luxurious bouclé fabrics, serenity shines through.

A dynamic and creative universe, where subtle rose and light greige tones form the backdrop for bold material combinations and compositions. A decadent and bright expression inspired by the natural colour palette of the beach, the sand and the sun.

Rich and tactile surfaces like luxurious velvet and natural leather combined with elegant materials such as polished steel and solid wood.

An elegant mood inspired by a warm and comforting brown and earth-toned colour palette paired with details from meticulously crafted oak and walnut wood – reflecting the changing seasons. Combining lightness and elegance with a deeper, more seductive feel.

Contrasts are explored, and materials such as natural leather, luxurious brass and soft textiles meet in nature’s warm tones.

A luxurious mood with a warm and balanced spectrum of clay, burnt brown and dark green mixed with crafted details in solid wood and soft, natural surfaces like traceable leathers and tactile bouclé fabrics.

Wood, wind, dark green and burnt brown notes create beautiful contrasts to natural stones like Italian marble and travertine or polished concrete.

A stylish universe of grey, dark brown and fresh white notes expressed with references to the Scandinavian winter with a touch of continental luxury. The mood invites both reflection and mindfulness together with friendship and intimacy.

Materials are inviting and tactile – handwoven wool fabrics and soft lambskin, combined with eye-catching contrasts of clear crystal glass and handmade ceramics.

A universe rooted in an elegant expression of sophisticated grey nuances with natural references to winter’s time of quiet and contemplation.

Clean surfaces, interpreted in hand-finished steel, beautiful porcelain, luxurious wood and Italian marble, provide tranquillity and peace of mind. Uniquely handmade ceramics and glassware find their way into these calming spaces.

An outdoor breathing space

For us, nature is the biggest source of inspiration and tranquility, and our tailored Outdoor Collection offers designs for outdoor living that enable us to create spaces where both our eyes and mind can find rest. Materials are luxurious and tactile with handcrafted details and a soft, muted colour scheme – all creating the perfect calming backdrop with nature as the focal point.

Life in open air

Create a silent outdoor retreat by surrounding yourself with beautifully crafted details and a tailored comfort. Our outdoor series includes designs in a cohesive colour scheme, made in quality materials developed specifically for life outside. Everything you need to complete an inviting open space, from comfortable lounge sofas and tables, to seating, flowerpots and lighting.

Tailor-made for you

Every piece of furniture in our collection is tailor-made for you. From size to shape, to expression and texture, everything is custom-made just for you and your home. Our range of materials, upholstery fabrics and colours are carefully curated to create beautiful and cohesive spaces – with a calm, timeless colour scheme – whether you choose bouclé, linen, velvet, recycled textiles, wool or leather.

Whatever you prefer, you can be absolutely sure that the fabric is completely free from harmful chemicals – every single upholstery fabric is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-certified. Some fabrics are even certified with the EU Flower , making them a more environmentally friendly choice.
All leather we use is from either Europe or Australia and is traceable. This means that we can trace each step of the journey – all the way from the producer to your living room. Our upholstery leathers—Quattro and Austin Nubuck—are LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®-certified, meaning they are completely free from harmful substances.

To add the final decorative element to your customised sofa, our Classic sofa cushions with down filling are also designed for customisation, and can be ordered in all furniture fabrics, colours and leather types. And all upholstery fabrics can be purchased by the metre – to complete your interior design with custom-made curtains, cushions, bedspreads and much more. Only your imagination sets the limits.