Competition terms

The competition runs from 23 September until 10 November, 2019.

When you participate in Bolia's competition, you also subscribe to our newsletter. A couple of times a week we will send the best inspiration, fantastic offers and anything that tickles our fancies right now. You also agree to our privacy policy and consent to your data being used for targeted marketing e.g. on social media, display and service announcements.  You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time and you can update your information with Bolia by clicking on the link at the bottom of all emails. If you unsubscribe from the newsletters within the competition period, you will not be able to take part in the prize draw.


Who can participate?

Everyone. Your best friend, your uncle and anyone passionate about design. However, you can only enter once per email address.

Bolia employees or members of their household cannot participate in the competition.


The prize

A sofa of your choosing with a maximum value of DKK 30,000 / NOK 45,000 / SEK 40,000 / EUR 4,000 / CHF 4,500 based on recommended retail price, i.e. the value of the sofa when not on sale.

The prize cannot be exchanged for any other prize or for cash, only in the instance where you or a member of your household have purchased a sofa from Bolia after 31 December 2018 can the cost of that sofa be refunded instead, but only up to a maximum of DKK 30,000 / NOK 45,000 / SEK 40,000 / EUR 4,000 / CHF 4,519 and only in the currency that you originally purchased your sofa. If you purchased your sofa on the outlet store, the refund will be for that amount, unless it exceeds the prize sum. The refund is optional and is offered as an extra service. You also opt for a combination of refund and a new sofa, within the specified sum. If you choose the refund option, the sofa must have been purchased within the stated timeframe.  This must be documented with a valid receipt and if the sofa was not purchased by the winner but instead a member of their household, then this must likewise be documented.

If your dream sofa exceeds the stated prize sum, you have the option to pay for the remainder yourself.


Your security

Don't worry, your email is safe with us and we promise not to pass it on to anyone else.

Bolia will pay the winning taxes on the gifts as well as all shipping costs associated with your prize.

In case of doubt or disagreement regarding the competition terms, Bolia A/S will determine the interpretation.


The winner

The winner will be published with their name, town and country on our website and in our marketing, e.g. in our newsletters and on social media. The winner will be contacted by email, provided the correct email is given at the time of participating. From that time, you have 30 days to claim your gift. You can choose delivery to your home or to collect your prize at your nearest Bolia store, it is up to you. Please note that we only send prizes within the EU. If you live outside of the EU, your prize can be collected from the Bolia store of your choice.

We will deliver your prize as soon as possible, but as your choice has not even been designed yet, we have a 30-day production period.

By participating in a competition with Bolia A/S, the participant accepts the above competition rules.